Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Do you feel different being a mom?"

Today when I went to get my nails done, a friend of mine at the salon asked me a very important question that got me thinking. I've only gone in to the nail salon a few times since I've had the baby (hard to find the time) so he hadn't seen me that much. 
This time, he asked me a very interesting but common question: "Do you feel different being a mom?"

I was totally stumped for words. I said, "'s hard to explain..." in which I was so embarrassed because I am such an descriptive explainer about things!

So, do I feel different being a mom? 
Yes and no. (as if that helps!!)

Everything is different. I am different. But I'm also the same. (Only the moms will understand this feeling)

I live and breathe being a mom. I love it so much. I feel like it has defined me as a woman, wife, and a human being. It has made me stronger in my convictions, but also more patient in many ways. In my core, I feel like I am the same, but all the qualities that make me who I am are deeper. Basically, it has made me a better version of myself. Superwoman!

So, when they say "everything changes" it is true. You love the baby more than you love yourself. You give give give to this little creature so that she will be comforted and happy and confident and know that she is loved.

It's an amazing journey. Growing your child inside you and giving birth to a child...and caring for your child minute after minute...the endless kisses and hugs and feedings and diapers and naptime and bathtime and giggles and each glance in between.

And then, if I'm tired enough, sometimes I forget that I'm a mom! (only for, like, 2 seconds!)

The biggest thing I feel different about though, is my sense of purpose. Being a mom, I feel connected to a greater purpose. Greater than me, and her, and my husband. Greater than our families. Greater than this place and this time. Some kind of inter-galactic, Earth-momma, higher power, almost god-like purpose. Just by having her, and raising her, to be her own human being, to go off in to the world someday.

So there, that's my utmost best explanation! 



  1. I love this post. It's so honest and insightful. I am a regular reader of this blog who is also a non Indian married to an Indian man. We actually have a baby on the way (HOORAY!!!) and simply being pregnant and knowing that we have a little person on the way who will be a combination of us has been such a transformative experience for both of us. Some days when I think about our little one on the way, my heart is just bursting with so much joy and excitement....and a knowing that my life will change dramatically but be very purpose driven as you mention in your blog post. Thank you for putting into words how being a mom has changed you. I've been curious to how that will all feel when our little one arrives and we start raising it. :)

    1. CONGRATS!!!! Sooooo exciting! It is transformative to say the least - a miracle, amazing, is so transformative in such a short amount of time...I'm so excited for you. Having a child was life-changing in the best way :)

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