Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Funny outtakes from our Christmas card photoshoot

How hard is it to take a group shot with a squirmy 6 month old? Almost near impossible!!! 
This month, we attempted to take several pictures - Maya's 5 month birthday, Diwali, and most recently, a picture of all 3 of us for our Christmas card. In each session, we took about 30 pictures, but only 1 or 2 turned out. 
Over the weekend, we tried to photograph ourselves under natural light and with a timer, and it was so hard!!! It was easier for Diwali when we did our group shot with the flash, because then Maya was looking directly at the camera, entranced by the flashing light. This time we had nothing for her to look at around the camera so she didn't know we were taking pictures. She was like, "Yay! Mummy and Daddy are on the mat playing with me!" And we were like, "This is so frustrating! We only have 30 seconds before she spits up on her dress!"
Below are funny outtakes of our Christmas Card photo shoot. Welcome to the chaos of infant-hood!!
 Note to self: clean the house before using a wide-angle lens!

These photos truly represent the madness of infant-hood ..and the fact that you just have to surrender to it. The piles of laundry and ironing, being on the baby's schedule and not on yours, and letting go of whatever your definition of what perfect was/is. It's so chaotic, that you just have to laugh at it and have fun with it. And once we realized that we probably weren't going to get a proper picture (once we surrendered to the madness) we got a great candid shot of the 3 of us!

And finally, this year's Christmas card:

I think it turned out pretty well - totally my photojournalistic style. After all, that's how life is - candid, not posed all the time! Whatever...we yield to the chaos and we are proud of it!


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