Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 7, 2013 - 7 months old

This month has been jam-packed with exciting events like solid feeding, crawling, and Christmas festivities.

After her 6 month birthday, we were finally able to start her on pureed fruits and veggies, along with her pablum. The first food we started to was green peas...big mistake! It was so pungent and stinky that she did a pretend-choke of disgust! Then we realized she may like something sweeter, like applesauce or sweet potatoes. Now we have gone through most of all the first foods and it seems that the only ones she doesn't like is green peas! Her top favorites are pears, applesauce, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

Luckily, when we set up the Christmas tree, she wasn't crawling yet. But she took her first huge-fast-crawl across the room on January 3rd (which just so happened to be our 7 year anniversary)! Since then, she has gotten into some mischief. She is obsessed with 4 things - the Food Network magazine, the TV remote, the house phone, and the cell phone. If she sees any of those things on the floor, she will practically run to them! Ziggy has been so freaked out by all this crawling business. If he is sleeping, she likes to go over and touch his nose or pull his tail. So when he's grumpy, he goes and hides in the bedroom or up on top of a sitting chair, like a cat. He things the baby is a four legged creature too!

She grew out of her infant bathtub, so in the evenings, I take a bath with her in the big tub. She just prefers to sit now, all the time. She plays and splashes in the water, and she just loves water baby!

Just before Christmas, he first tooth popped up on the bottom and a second one is coming up right beside it. You can only see it when she smiles or laughs, or if she happens to bite you (thank god I'm not breastfeeding anymore)! 

We had a great visit from my in-laws and Maddy's cousin-brother from Seattle. They stayed for 10 days over the holidays and we did all the Christmas-y stuff in Vancouver like the light show at Van Deusen gardens, the Stanley Park Christmas train and the Luminescence show at the Aquarium. Maya was pretty indifferent to all these events, as she fell asleep at all of them! She finds it boring when she's not the center of attention...she's like "Whatever...I'll just pass out now! Carry on, you boring adults!" I think out of all of them, she liked the aquarium the most because of all the fish colors.

On New Year's we went to Auntie Sophie's house for an early party with Maya's #1 boyfriend Christos. She proceeded to have a huge tantrum, which I found out later was an ear infection. I didn't know why she was crying so I just took off her big poofy New Years dress, and she wore her tights, and we borrowed on of her boyfriend's shirts. She looked like an action hero with tights...supergirl!

She has recently started to try to pull herself up on to things, like the coffee table, the crib. the chair - so much that we had to lower the crib because I got freaked out that she might fling herself over. She makes this huge grunting noise when she pulls herself up, like Rocky training for a boxing match! I totally think of the Rocky theme song when she's doing this!!!

Until next month...

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