Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Parenting: how fathers differ from mothers

Today I came across this really interesting article about stay-at-home dads and how their style of parenting is different than moms.

It's quite fascinating how fathers differ from mothers in child-rearing - the true psychology of how men & women behave seems to come out.

An interesting point in the article mentioned that men aren't so hard on themselves, like mothers are -
"[a pile of muddy clothes on the floor] doesn't bother him the way it bothers me". That is fascinating. Why is it that little things like that bother mothers so much? Is it because we are trying to be perfectionist mothers, or is it because subconsciously we are trying to protect our children from dangers (choking, etc)?

Maybe it's due to the fact that men and women are just wired differently - biologically, psychologically, etc. Men are supposed to get out in the world and get their hands dirty, and women are supposed to guard the family and the fort - in caveman times, of course. In many articles online, it says that fathers encourage independence and mothers give a sense of security. It's no surprise that fathers are more play-oriented and technologically savvy. Mothers seem to verbalize & explain things more, whereas fathers seem to verbalize less with children.

As I've noticed with my own daughter, she prefers to go to her dad to play, and when she's tired or fussy, she only wants Mommy! I definitely verbalize more than my husband - he prefers to show her how to do things, rather than explain.

(watching TV upside down)

(reading stories - one of my favorite bonding activities)


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