Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentines 2013

Valentines day 2013 - I'm such a sucker for romance!


I got Maya all dressed up in her pink frilly outfit for a date with her boyfriend Christos. We went for a walk, for lunch, and for a play. They are close in age - he is 5 months older. They had fun playing together - it is so cute to see her socialize with other kids! That's when you can see your child's personality develop - when they are around other kids. I feel like she's an "introverted extrovert", for now...!


When my husband got home from work, he brought Maya a bouquet of purple tulips, and for me he got a beautiful floral arrangement of long stemmed red roses, with shells at the bottom of the vase. It was absolutely gorgeous! He also got me some bath products from The Beauty Bar - it was so sweet and thoughtful! I would've been just happy with the flowers but the rose body lotion was the icing on the cake! I'm such a sucker for romantic gestures...that really set the mood for the evening.
Maya has been going to bed early, fast asleep by 8:30pm every night, so we decided to put her to bed as we normally do, and then have my mum come over and supervise (watch TV in the living room with the baby monitor) while we went out for dinner.

I had got tickets for a special Valentines event at one of our favourite spots - East is East restaurant 'Night of Mystic Romance' where they had a special romantic vibe in their Chai Lounge upstairs. They had wonderful music performances, love songs, and romantic poetry, as well as a nice buffet. They had the room set up with long couches so you could lie back and listen to the music, and cuddle with your loved one. It was a really nice evening. We really connected, were present in the moment, and sort of forgot we were parents!

I realized that night that we need to do that more often - date nights - where we are not rushing back to manage the baby. We've gone out for dates during the day before, but I'm always wondering what she's eaten, etc. I was able to truly relax because I knew she was sound asleep. That night I felt the most connected to him since we had the baby, and I really missed that. It was perfect for my mom as well, because all she did was watched her TV shows and checked on her every once in a while. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day chores that I forget that I need to MAKE time for our relationship too.

What are your guys' ideas for date nights? Especially after kids..?


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