Friday, March 15, 2013

9 months old!

9 months old - March 7, 2012

This month, Maya has developed a bit more of her "personality" - A.K.A. her letting me know that she's the boss!

Lately I have been making all my own baby food for her. She absolutely loves banana and she's also quite crazy about tofu! At first she wouldn't take other textures but now she likes soft pieces of banana and sweet potato to snack on. If I'm feeding her with my finger I have to remove it really fast or else she bites me really hard!

The other day I made her lunch (corn and sweet potato) and she had one taste of it and threw a huge tantrum. Then I realized that it was possible that she just wasn't in the mood for what I made her for lunch! That was the first time that she basically said "no" to me! I've been on auto-drive in baby-land for so long that I forgot that she has her own moods too! Instead, she wanted one of her favorites: banana/green bean/mango. It won't be long until she's picking out what she wants to wear for the day!

She's started to understand a few words - "cracker", "thirsty", "Ziggy", "daddy", "bye bye". We have been trying to teach her how to wave "bye bye" and sometimes she gets it. When she's tired or hungry, she cries "Amma" which is Telugu/Tamil for "mother". It's interesting that she's calling me "mother" in Indian language instead of English. Maybe because that's what Maddy calls me around her. It seems we have a little South Indian princess on our hands! Her birthmark on her forehead is in the shape of India. She's crazy about eating idly and dosa. And her first words were "Atta" and "Amma"!

Her hair has been getting so light and now it's several shades lighter than my hair. You can see some coppery blonde when the light hits it. I always said to Maddy, what if we have a blonde South Indian?! That would be so crazy!

She is a big book worm. She LOVES it when you read books to her. She loves the stories and the big pictures - you can see her really focusing on it. Her new favorite book is "Moo Baa La La La" by Sandra Boynton. It's about the different sounds that barnyard animals make.

We have lots of baby toys for her but her favorite thing to play with is mixing bowls and measuring cups from the kitchen. For this reason I think she will be a total foodie. It's just a bit odd that out of any magazine that's in front of her, she immediately goes for the Food Network must be a sign!

It has been increasingly challenging to take her monthly pictures - she is just a wriggle worm and won't sit still! We had to take her monthly picture twice this month because the first batch was too blurry. She is so mobile! I am, however, determined to take the monthly pictures until she's at least a year or longer...but my set up of her lying down isn't really working! Maybe after 12 months, I'll switch it to standing.

Yesterday she took her first steps forward at Grammy Zonda's house. She was standing against the footstool and it started to move forward. So she just went and walked with it! It was really exciting...

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What to do when your baby's sick

Having a sick baby sucks! Firstly, there's not much you can do...they can't tell you what's wrong with them and watching them wheeze and cough is heartbreaking. 

Here are some things you CAN do to try to relieve them:

Nasal Aspirator
The most important thing is to keep their nasal passages clear - they can usually only breathe thru their nose. I love the Nose Frida because it just sucks it all out. She screams and cries (and it's totally gross) but it does the job well.

Rub a small amount on your baby's chest or the bottom of their foot. Their skin is still really thin - a little goes a long way. This helps them breathe better.

Saline Nose Drops
These are totally natural and have to medicinal ingredients. Drop these in after you use the nasal aspirator to keep the nasal passages clear as well as reducing the chances of getting a sinus infection.

Use this at night - only if your child is pre-rolling over. Put it underneath the crib's beds sheet to keep their head elevated.

Lots of TLC (for baby AND mommy)
Usually when kids are sick, they only want their mommy. They want to be held and comforted since they aren't feeling well. When my daughter's sick, she wants to be close to me ALL day! Although I love the closeness, this can be really draining for me. And it's so hard to watch her have a stuffy nose -  I'm worrying full force! At the end of the day, Mommy needs a big hug too!

Good Luck!
Don't worry mommies, it will be over in a week! If not, take baby to the Doctor to check their ears as well. And as soon as your baby's almost better, take them for a short walk to get some FRESH air!

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