Monday, April 15, 2013

10 months old!

April 7, 2013 - 10 months old

This month has been another whirlwind, once again! I can't believe it's gone by so fast.

Maya is as cute as ever, and her Daddy has now taught her how to clap her hands! She gets so excited when she does it, like she didn't know it could make that sound!

She has been eating really well, with her favorite foods being tofu, banana, and cherry. She likes to share food with me, so I'll usually give her a bite of what's on my plate. When we take her to a restaurant, she sits and stares at all the guests, and smiles at them and loves the attention!

She has also started to stand for longer lengths of time, unsupported. She has now stood for about 30 seconds at the most, but no unsupported steps yet. She stands like a big weightlifter with her arms outstretched, and then slowly goes back down again. When we put her in her pink walker, she stands and jumps up and down, hopping like a little bunny! She's hopping before she's walking!

Grampy Robinson has started calling her "birdie" from all the little hummingbird sounds she makes. I am "Miss Puppy" and Maya is "Little Birdie"! He loves it when we drop by the store for a surprise visit, and she stomps around the place. She goes from one dressing room mirror to another, always looking at herself! The Chinese sewing ladies go crazy when we visit...they call her "May-ahh" because they can't pronounce her name, and Kim the cutter says she wants me to bring her every single day for a visit. They always pinch all her little fat baby rolls and she giggles because she's so ticklish!

This month, I have returned back to work, only on Saturdays, and Maddy stays home with her that day. It was quite exhilarating driving the car to work without loading the baby in the car, and getting to work and being able to focus on my tasks on my own time frame. I was able to get so much done! I kept looking over my shoulder, thinking I was supposed to be watching her...after about 4 hours I got restless and I felt the urgency of knowing that it was her feed time. It was so weird to not be on her schedule for the day! It was a nice break for me, actually. Work isn't really "work" now, compared to being a full-time stay at home mum! Maddy really enjoyed having the baby all to himself all day, and went out for long walks with her. So it has been beneficial on all fronts!

The biggest news of this month is that we are in the midst of moving to a new place. There are a lot of things in our old house that are impossible to baby-proof, and the landlord won't fix anything. Also the stairs have become an issue with the baby. Our new place is bright, clean, new building, one level, top floor, elevator, underground parking, dishwasher, and centrally located in my favourite area: Kitsilano. The icing on the cake was that it is only a 7 minute walk to the store - literally 4 blocks! We have gotten the keys and have been bringing over things slowly. I let Maya crawl around the empty apartment and she just loves it! It's like a big play-pen for her! The process of moving is a bit stressful, but every time I go to the new place I'm affirmed that its the right decision. Unfortunately, while all this is going on, Maya has been very fussy because she is getting THREE top teeth all at once! So hopefully, we can just get through this tough week.

Grammy and Grampy Robinson have been helping watch her more since we have been busy packing, and they just love spending time with her. Grampy just sits and stares at her, at every movement she does, and smiles. Grammy likes to sing songs to her and let her play with her favourite measuring cups while she's cooking. And Ziggy loves to steal licks of her toes and ears, when nobody's looking! We try not to let him lick her too much, but if he spots one of her teething toys on the ground, he grabs it and chews it all up! He thinks its his teething toy too, and it smells like his delicious baby!

It was impossible to take her monthly picture this time. Luckily I got it on the first shot! She refuses to sit still! And she refuses to stand still, since she keeps hopping!

Until next month,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

It was lovely to have a nice long holiday weekend, especially in the midst of the move! We had Friday, Sunday, and Monday off work. 

Not only did we get time to relax, but we got time to work on the move. The Craigslist sales are still coming in, so we spent one of the days at Ikea, looking at room ideas and picking out our new bed frame. It was so overwhelming that I felt like I was going to faint, once we got out of there! At the end of Ikea, I went to get a frozen yogurt cone and I saw someone who did faint, with paramedics there...I guess it wasn't only me that was feeling faint!

We weren't going to do anything for Easter but my Aunt invited us over to her house for a baby Easter egg hunt. We were half an hour late, as usual (!!) so we missed it, but it was lovely to spend time with everyone and see all the kiddos - the next generation of mini-me's!


Monday, April 1, 2013

The Big Move

(Maya's new room)

Over the past few months, we have quietly been searching for a new place to live. We've outgrown our current rental and have had some issues with a negligent property manager.

Things change when you have a baby. Your needs change. Perception changes. We moved into our house when we weren't married and didn't have a child. I wanted to live closer to my parents, in a larger space, with a garden, and be able to have a dog.

Oh... how things have changed. 
What I didn't realize was that gardening was very strenuous, and required constant upkeep. The area we moved to, which was closer to my parents, had virtually no young people or young families. In fact, I swear most of the houses are empty - just sitting ducks for offshore vacationers. Our 1200 sq foot house became only a 600 sq foot living space, because the entire basement was too cold for most of the year. We got our beautiful dog Ziggy, who was our first baby. And we enjoyed taking him to the dog park and playing in the yard...until we had our baby, and the 2 week pet-sitting I asked my dad to do became "I really love him, can I have him here?" How can I say no to my Daddy? I can't. And not only that, Ziggy sort of chose it himself. Whenever we brought him back to our house, he moped and fretted.

Things really started to change when Maya became mobile. I noticed a LOT of things around the house that I couldn't baby proof. For example, nails sticking out of the floorboards, mold on the windows, bendy window glass, etc.

The deal breaker for us was when our basement flooded, and our landlord took a week to get it fixed - luckily, all our things were in air tight boxes. And then we decided to sell our Ikea bed frame and broke it down and discovered that behind the headboard was an entire wall of black mold  For those of you that don't know, breathing in black mold can cause a slew of health problems: respiratory issues, asthma, chronic fatigue, nausea, hemorrhaging, etc. Many of which I had during my difficult it connected? Maybe. Isn't everything connected? We'll never know.
I truly believe that if you pray and think positively, positive things will happen - through the law of attraction.

When we started looking, I had a wish list of things I wanted for our next living space:

-Dishwasher (so I don't have to spend 45mins every night scrubbing dishes)
-Open kitchen (so I can see her crawl while I make her food)
-Elevator (She's too heavy to carry up the stairs)
-Walking distance to grocery stores
-Closer to work for Maddy
-Newer apartment, at least only 15 years old
-preferably top floor (so we don't have to hear people walking above us)
-more than 600sq ft living space

If we were going to make the huge effort to move, this new place had better be great. After all, it's stressful moving with a young baby.

So I had my wish list in my head, and I was praying and praying...and lo and behold, I found it! I found the listing in the morning, and we signed the lease by 5pm. It had my entire wish list!!! And it is right next to my favorite Italian restaurant...that sealed the deal! (If I can't get it together to make dinner, I'll just send my husband downstairs!)

Even though the apartment is a larger living space than our house, my main goal is to minimize. I don't need a big huge house. I just need less stuff!!! I've almost started to feel claustrophobic with all our stuff...things that I've been carrying around with me since college, that have no functional value!
After we signed the lease, and we have a few weeks before the move, I was on a mission to de-clutter. 

We decided to sell all our old Ikea furniture on Craigslist and basically get rid of everything that was Ikea. When my grandmother died a few months ago, we inherited all her beautiful teak furniture from the 1950s. Not only was it sentimental to me, but it was good quality furniture. Timeless. We have decided to keep all of her furniture and start with that as our base. Then if we need anything else we can build it up. I was just craving to minimize.

In the meantime, all the Ikea stuff had to go. I listed about 15 pieces on Craigslist and it sold like hot cakes! It's crazy how many people want second hand Ikea stuff - are they idiots?!? Some people even drove from 2 hours away to purchase a piece of Ikea furniture that was half price.

We made enough so that we could purchase a new Ikea bed frame - we bought our old one in San Francisco and we grew out of it. It was too low to the ground and had really sharp corners - not baby-friendly! I was happy to at least make some money out of the sales so that we could purchase the bed and have some left over to help pay for the movers we hired.

Craigslist was easy enough - mostly it was nice women searching to decorate their houses. But there were a few weirdos - men, of course! My friend cautioned me to never give out my address or name until a pick-up appointment was set up, and I'm so glad I followed her advice. She said to just give out the neighborhood I lived in and that is more than enough.

There was one creepy man who wanted to purchase a workout bench we advertised. He kept asking if I had a husband or boyfriend, and I got freaked out. Another man went off on me because I wouldn't give my exact house number. He wrote this big huge rant about how nobody cares that he had to spend the money to hire 2 helpers and a moving truck - this man was really delusional because I was only selling a bookshelf that I could carry myself, and would fit in a medium sized car. This man was such a lunatic, that I googled his name and found that he goes on all these different websites and complains about service. What a drama queen...hahaha!

Luckily, Craigslist has a feature where you can report a user for harassment or abusive language. It felt so good to press that report button!

Now, we have sold over 15 items and I must say, I feel like a Craigslist pro seller! Every time every item went out the door, I felt lighter. I felt like all the stuff was weighing me down. Life has changed so much - we are parents now, we are married...and the best things in life aren't things that fill your house. Sometimes you can be more satisfied with less.

It's crazy to think that this new apartment is actually the FIRST place that we have picked out together.  I picked out the last place while my husband was at work; the 2 places before that, my parents picked out for us; and then before that was my first apartment that I selected before I even met my husband. After all these years, it's the first place that we picked out together, as a team!

Next up is the packing, donating old items, throwing stuff out, and the big move. 
Stay tuned!
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