Tuesday, May 7, 2013

11 months old!

I can't believe the little piglet is going to be one year...in just a month!

This month things have changed drastically in babyville, and yet again she's always finding ways to remind me that she's not a baby anymore!

She doesn't take that much milk anymore, and she refuses to be held while she drinks. All of a sudden, one day she just didn't want me to feed her the milk. She cried and cried and then I got so frustrated that I just put her in the highchair and put the bottle in front of her and said "FINE! Do it yourself then!" And then she picked it up and did it, and had this mischievous look on her face. Then I felt totally dumb! So now she prefers to sip her milk while she has her solids, like a little big girl!

I mentioned this at one of our doctors check-ups and she told me that was a sign she is ready for cows milk, even though she's only 11 months. So we switched her to cows milk, and she didn't even know the difference. For me, it was a really big deal. No more mixing formula, sterilizing bottles, buying formula (pricey!)...it was a relief to be done with it all! And by all of these little milestones of independence she is slowly giving me more freedom too...for now, that is.

I think she is getting very close to walking. We had Maddy's birthday the other night and the whole time she was standing. She has been standing for several months, and then she started hopping, and then she started dancing...but no walking yet. It must be next! She walks around the furniture and walks when we hold one of her hands, but you usually have to negotiate with her (treats or toys...she won't perform for free!)

Her favorite foods right now are banana, yogurt and chicken. She eats the banana like a little big girl and I don't have to feed it to her anymore. We have also let her try ice cream and chocolate cake, and she loves both. Looks like she can share my gelato in Italy!!

She has also become a bit dramatic, and she likes to stare at people a lot. I totally think this is from the Indian side *;) winking The other night, Maddy was cooking in the kitchen and he coughed. Maya was playing in the living room and she did a fake cough. I knew it was fake because it sounded really girly, and not like an actual real cough from the belly. I said to Maddy, "She just fake-coughed! She's trying to imitate you!" So he did a fake cough. And then she did a fake cough. And on and on and on for about 20 minutes. It was hilarious but annoying too!
And she likes to stare. A lot. She will literally hold the stare as if she is competing in a staring contest. One time we were at a restaurant, and she was staring down this man sitting at the next table. He said, "Umm....I think she's giving me the stink-eye...I'm feeling uncomfortable!" Hahahaha!!!

We also had our big move this past month and it went so well. We are still unpacking but we are all set up and settled in. Maya loves it - she goes everywhere and it is like a big playpen for her. It is SO much easier to baby proof from the beginning. 

The move was hard because she was very fussy from getting 3 top teeth all at once. Now they have sprung out and I swear to God, she has gapped teeth. Total Robinson top teeth, just like me, and my dad and my grandpa!

In a week, we are leaving for our family vacation to Toronto and Venice, Italy. This will be Maya's first travel experience and we are so excited. Grampy Robby & Grammy Zonda are already there and we will be flying with Uncles Leonard & John from Toronto. I am just starting to pack her fab wardrobe - all dresses!

Until next month...
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