Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maya's First Birthday Party

(Maya's outfit for her party - John Paul Gaultier dress!)

For Maya's 1st birthday party, we wanted to do a small get-together with family and close friends, at my mom's place. It was nice to see everyone & for them to see Maya - especially since there have been so many major developments with her walking and babbling, etc.

(My in-laws came from Jamaica to celebrate with us)

How does one plan a birthday party for a little one who won't even remember, and who doesn't have tons of friends? I read online that you should try to keep the party short, and with as few people as possible so as not to overwhelm the 1 year old. It was also important to me to have her baby friends there - after all, it is her birthday party!

(Dickson & Darcy / Maya & me)

We had about 20 family and close friends, plus 3 of Maya's baby friends.


(Left: drink glasses / Right: The favors: teddy bear shaped glass jars filled with candy)

We did pretty simple decorations, but a little went a long way. I got all the decorations for under $50 at The Party Bazaar, but we spread them all out nicely so the house looked all plumped up. I also got about 25 pink balloons. 

(The cake & Maya's birthday invitation)

My friend Frances of Sweet Naturally Bakery did the cake for Maya and she did a wonderful job. I wanted a simple, yet girly cake with an ombré fade to match Maya's dress. We decided on a vanilla cake with strawberry icing, and layered with fresh strawberries inside. It was so delicious! She also made 20 mini-cupcakes. 

(Pati & Maya)

For the food, we rented a dosa cart from Sargam House Restaurant (formerly Saravana Bhavan). They made mini-dosas, and also catered with idly, vada, vegetable pakora and dal. Maya loves dosas and idlys!!! It was tons of food for everyone, and not everyone had tried dosas before so they loved it.

(Maya loving the attention!)

I think the favorite part of the birthday was when everyone sang Maya the "Happy Birthday" song. She just loved it, and we ended up singing the song two times because she was laughing!

(Maya & Daddy with all her presents)

After we cut the cake, she had a big meltdown (hahaha!) and we put her in the stroller for a nap, and continued on with the party.

(Maya & Dolly)

After she woke up, we opened all her gifts with her. Her favorite gift was her first doll, who we call "Dolly". Since the party, she carries it everywhere with her!


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  1. Looks wonderful! We had to pay a bit more for our decoration for Nathan's first birthday (Germany can be expensive at times, especially when it comes to birthday decorations...) and we had a few less guests but all in all it was a wonderful and exhausting day for all of us :)


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