Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Hindu-style Wedding

(Our garlands - my mom had them shipped from India and surprised us)

The Summers are always so special for me because we celebrate our wedding anniversaries (yes, there are two!) and also our daughter's birthday.

(Me and my parents)

Our 2 year wedding anniversary was on June 11th and I want to dedicate this post to reminiscing about our Hindu wedding.

(My mangalsutra - or as they call it in Tamil, a "thaali" - like a wedding ring, a woman is to never take this necklace off. Each family has a different symbol.)

We had already set the date for our Western wedding and mailed the invitations, when my MIL told me she wanted to do a Hindu wedding too. We had our astrology/star signs mapped out - Indian style (you need the place, date and time of birth) and then they pick out the exact date and exact time that the sacred knot is to be tied (even if it's 4am!) Luckily, ours was on June 11th, 2011 at 10-something A.M.

(My MIL, auntie #1, me, my mom, auntie #2)

We wanted to have a small private ceremony, so we just invited our parents and my favorite aunties. 

(Us before the ceremony)

My SIL sent a saree for me to wear which was a beautiful orange/blue color. We were supposed to wear something brand new, as per the superstitions. Maddy looked the most Indian he has ever looked - in a button down blouse and pant!

The ceremony started with my dad alone, and he loved being in the centre of attention! Then he had to take Maddy outside and wash Maddy's feet! My dad's flexibility isn't that great, so you can imagine how funny this was!

(Tying the thaali)

The ceremony went on for a while with the priest doing all the devotional chanting, and then the knot was tied at the precise time. It felt so great to finally get my thaali, after 6 years of being together - getting something that was so sacred and passed down through generations in his family - it was really special for me. Not only did I feel like I finally got upgraded to the wife status, but I really felt a part of his family then. It was very meaningful to me. In Tamil Brahmin tradition, there is to be 3 knots tied - each symbolising the unity of mind, body and spirit.

(Maddy looking at me after he put the Sindoor on my forehead)

Another thing I loved was getting the Sindoor put on my forehead. I prefer the sindoor rather than a bindi - but you're supposed to wear them both together. It's really beautiful to have that small wash of color right at your hairline.

(Lighting the holy fire - "Agni")

After that, we had to light the flame for the holy fire.

(Circling the fire)

Then, we had to tie my saree to Maddy's scarf, and lead each other around the holy fire. He went first, and then I lead after. I liked how they did it both ways (I'm a boss in this relationship too!) Each circle represents:  nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life and harmony/understanding. The seven principles of an Indian marriage.

(It`s done! The dads congratulate each other)

(Last prayer)

After that, we prayed to the altar, and my MIL sang a song to the Gods. Then, we fed each other some fruit - which is supposed to be how the couple can openly express love and affection (what, no kissing? Hahaha...)

(Arriving home as a married couple)

I was really glad we did the Hindu marriage, as it made me feel even more connected to his culture. It was very meaningful and sentimental to me that his family wanted us to do this. It made me feel very important and really (officially) welcomed me into their family.

And a year later, June 11th was my original due date for our daughter!


  1. Hello... It's great that u enjoyed the ceremony... In some portions of India, as at my place, the marriage's ceremony use to go for the whole night, its a big n long ceremony, with many rituals...
    Congratulations n all the luck for more such happiness... :)

    1. Thanks so much! It was a wonderful ceremony, and I'm glad it was only under 10 people so I could really relax and enjoy the moment...our reception in Hyderabad had lots of family and I was feeling shy

  2. Many Many Congratulations to both of you and wish a happy married life.

    Each photo of yours reminded me about my marriage :)

    God Bless You.

    1. Awwww thank you, so sweet! Made my day!


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