Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our trip to Venice

(Daddy looking like a gondolier!)

We recently made our first trip with Venice, Italy! We went to join my parents for 2 weeks and also for a family friend's birthday party.
It was quite the adventure. We had never flown with Maya before so we had absolutely no idea what to pack. It was definitely a journey into the unknown, since I have had her on a pretty solid routine since she's been born.Flying on the airplane with her was extremely hard. It was easier on the leg back because she was walking by then, and we could walk with her down the aisles. She had a hard time playing and napping because she was pretty freaked out. Also, I found out later that she was developing a bad ear infection so it was difficult for her with the air pressure. For infants under 2, they have to be held in your lap, and as a result they fly for a discounted rate. This is problematic when the child is very tall, and the parents are tall! Not only were our legs cramped, but Maya was cramped sitting on top of us with no room. And of course, the person in front of us has to put their seat down, so I only had 10 inches between my face and the seat-front, holding the baby! Not only that, but the change-table in the bathrooms was also very small. It could only fit Maya's torso and her head and legs were pressing against the wall.

(Worst flight ever!)

We flew West Jet and Air Transat and I was disappointed with both the airlines. On one West Jet flight the flight attendant warned me not to change her diaper on the seat because it was unsanitary. On Air Transat, they split up our seats when we specifically paid extra for seat selection, with no refund. It is really impossible for anybody to expect that a wriggly & mobile baby should sit in one place for hours. When I took her walking down the aisle on our Air Transat flight, one of the flight attendants told me to get her out of the aisle because it was dangerous. And then I go back to my seat, and Maya is getting fussy because she's restless, and the flight attendant comes over and asks why she's crying. Um... duh!!

(At the Guggenheim museum)

(San Giorgio Maggiore Tower)

(Mothers & babies...on the go!)


Anyways, the flights were awful but once we got to Venice I was grateful. We had a fun time exploring the city and tried to make our excursions during her nap times, since before I left, I trained her to sleep in the stroller. Maddy had never been to Europe before and he was loving photographing everything. We did lovely excursions like visiting San Marco, the Rialto, San Giorgio Magiorre island, the Guggenheim museum, and exploring through the beautiful back streets of Castello and Cannareggio. 

We also did a nice romantic gondola ride at sunset while Maya slept on my chest. It was a very tourist-y thing to do, but I always wanted to do it!

(Maya - the life of the party!)

Maya was jet-lagged for the first 8 days of our trip, sleeping from 3am-3pm, and then slowly resetting it back every day. A friend of mine told me that it takes a baby 1 day for every hour of time difference to adjust, which was correct because Italy is 9 hours ahead. Luckily, her jet-lag worked to our advantage because we had a lot of late night dinners for our family friend's birthday celebrations.

(Right: Luna Sentada's delicious Balinese vegetable curry / Left: 1 scoop tiramisu, 1 scoop bacio gelato)

The food was absolutely delicious, and we had at least 2 gelato's per day! Our favorite restaurant was Luna Sentada, which served delicious fusion food.

(Baby clothing store Mammoto, near Campo San Salvador)

The baby shopping was great too. The last time my mum went was in the winter and she said they didn't have anything. I found lots of stores with wonderful little girly dresses.

It was wonderful to spend so much time with my parents, all living in the same apartment. They really got to bond with Maya and see all her daily shenanigans! 

(Bambini medication)

During our trip Maya developed a bad ear infection and we had to take her to a doctor and a pediatrician. Luckily, everyone spoke English, but on the medication boxes it was all Italian. That freaked me out because it was important to give the correct dosage to her!

(Maya loves Etro purses!)

(Strollin in the shopping district)

Before we took our trip, Maya took her first steps. After 2 weeks in Venice, she was full-blown walking. What a difference 2 weeks makes!!! Isn't that`wonderful....that she learned how to walk in Venice!

(Grandma Z & Maya)

After all the travel stresses, the last 5 days of our trip were really great. Traveling with an infant was stressful (mostly for me!!!) but it was an adventure and more so an experiment!
And we survived!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats for this happy and captivating family vacation! It was a good choice.

    1. Thanks! We are returning again this year, can't wait!

  2. Venice sounds interesting and your baby is the cutest of all. :)

    1. Awww thanks! We just came back from another trip!


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