Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things a mom can do to keep her sanity


We all know that motherhood is a full time job, 24/7, for the rest of your life, with no breaks!! There is no such thing as "alone time" anymore!
It's easy to get  exhausted & run-down because it's so constant. It's like you're an Energizer Bunny, and your batteries die. To avoid getting crabby, a mom must take her "breaks" - this involves doing anything that relaxes her... far, far away from children of any kind.

Here are some ideas to avoid the mom burnout:

- Take a nap. Seriously. If the baby is deep asleep, get your ass into the bedroom and lie down! If you don't fall asleep, that's fine. Stop doing the dishes. Stop puttering around. Just rest. This can be done daily, and it is an instant refresher. 

- Go for a mom's night out. Just to have some adult conversation, without loading the baby in the car seat or high chair, and gulping down your food. Slowly eat your food, socialize with your friends, like a normal person. Do it even if you're tired. You will have fun.

- Get a massage or facial. 60-90 mins of meditative silence? Yes, please!!! Moms, I already know your back is sore. Your neck is sore. You're overtired. I recently treated myself to a massage and I came out so relaxed that I looked like I was 18 years old again! 

- Go for a quick mani/pedi. It'll only take an hour or so, and you can catch up on reading magazines. It'll make you feel good every time you look down at your pretty hands/feet. Because some days, you don't even have time to brush your hair! At least your nails are done.

- Do yoga - in your home or at a class. It relaxes you, you get to meditate, it strengthens your core (after having kids, what core?) and it is a form of exercise. Because as a mom, you have to be really flexible - like getting that toy from way under the couch!

- Go to bed early and wake up early. My best friend who has 2 tot's swears by this - she wakes up before the house gets up and she gets some alone time. She has her breakfast leisurely, exercises, does some writing. I tried this for a week while my husband was out of town and it was really relaxing - and I'm not a morning person!

- Go out on a date with your husband. Remember your husband? It's a win-win situation - you get some alone time together and some much needed baby-proofing to your relationship.

- Go for a movie. There's nothing like going into a fictional world to take your mind off of diaper changes, feeding, household chores, etc.

- Do some writing. Journal writing, blogging, anything that jots down your thoughts. Mommy brain is a real thing...there are so many things on your mind at all times, that writing really helps focus your energy AND vent emotions that you may not be able to express in front of your child.

- Enjoy nature. Getting outside gives you fresh air, vitamin D, exercise, and makes you concentrate on the present. Seeing nature, window shopping, or people watching is a great pick me up. You can even do this when the baby's sleeping in the stroller for a little pick-me up.

- Take a hot bath. This is a great way to relax at the end of the night if your mind is running and you can't get to bed. Put some lavender sea salts in, light a candle... I take a bath with my daughter and put her to bed, and then after she's asleep, I take my relaxing bath!!!


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