Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tips for traveling to Venice, Italy with a baby

(Babies & parents on the streets on Venice)


In all the blogs I read before I went, people said to not bring strollers. DO NOT listen to them!!! ALL the Italians and tourists had strollers, regardless of the bridges. The bridges over the canals are not steep and easy to maneuver. I would recommend bringing a narrow stroller due to the fact that some of the streets are a little narrower. We also brought our baby carrier and when Maya got fussy we put her in there too. It was great to have both.

(We even took our stroller on the traghetto gondola to cross the canal!)

("My little seat" high chair attaches on to the chair and folds up small)

High chairs were a bit trickier. Some places had them and some places didn't. We purchased this one because it could fit in my diaper bag, and was a great help to us when there wasn't a high chair available. Other times we fed her in the stroller in a restaurant.

(Left: baby food display in a Pharmacia / Right: baby food display in Billa supermarket)

The baby food in Itlay was quite interesting. It was available at supermarkets (Billa or Co-ops) or Pharmacia's. Italian baby food had no mixtures - they had plain flavors and then I guess you can mix them together yourself. In North America, they have mixtures like "apple broccoli peas brown rice". They did not have anything like that there.

In Italy, they had a lot of fruits, such as Apple, Pear, Peach OR meats such as Fish, Ham, Beef, Chicken. And the whole time I only found one vegetable puree, which was a mixed vegetable. They also had typical Italian baby food like Fromaggio, Prosciutto, or Latte e Biscotti...they start 'em young!


(left: North American Pampers; right: Italian Pampers)

Diapers and Wipes are available everywhere in all the sizes. They mostly carried Pampers. It was interesting to note that Italian Pampers has no Elmo character on it (thank god)!
 I noticed at the Pharmacia's they carried Mustela and Aveeno baby toiletries. Mustela is an excellent baby product and is hypoallergenic.


  1. Hey great travelling tips to Venice with baby, amazing tips, keep sharing.!!

  2. Hi thank you for sharing your experience. Found it still very useful in 2017 :)
    We're taking our 9month twin baby and a 5years old daughter to Venice. All your tips is great. So we decided to take light wight twin buggy and carrier too.

    Thank you

  3. Hello did you venture on a gondola ride? Feeling apprehensive about taking my little one on one.


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