Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update - on finding mom friends

(Maya hugs her friend Skylar)

I am happy to report that I have a handful of mom friends now! I wanted to provide an update from this post about my struggle to find mom friends.

(Maya sharing Cheerios with her cousin Christos)

When I had Maya, I didn't know anybody other than my cousin's wife who had a baby (5 months older) and she lived a little farther away. I was really struggling to make mom friends as I was overwhelmed with the new baby and still exhausted from childbirth (with my iron levels being extremely low). The one friend that I made from my prenatal class turned out to be really negative to be around, and I had to stop talking to her.

(Maya and Darcy)

Now, looking back, I realized that I was struggling with myself because I was feeling shy to put myself out there. I didn't want to risk making new friends who would turn out to be negative/crazy. But staying inside my comfort zone of being scared to meet people made it worse. 
One of my closest friends read my blog entry and said something really poignant - "If you think it's going to be hard, then it will be. You have to be open to people and you will attract positive people".
My perspective really changed after I realized that. I opened myself up, put myself out there, went to all these baby activities - and guess what? It wasn't that scary! I really enjoyed it. Maya got to socialize. I got to socialize. I made mom friends that I discovered had other things in common with, other than just being a mom. I also connected with some of the other women from my prenatal class, as well as one of my close friends had a baby right after me.

The moral of the story - I'm so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone, got over my shyness, and met these wonderful women & their wonderful babies. 


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