Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 months

Toddlerhood has started!!!

Maya is walking - fast - almost at my pace! If we are at home, she just paces back and forth to the front door and back to the living room. When she walks, she kind of looks like a miniature drunk person who is attempting to run! She won't sit still for very long unless there is a book in front of her. Now we only go out for dinner to restaurants with toys available!

She is a major bookworm. In the morning, she goes to her books and flips every single page of every single book. She really concentrates and focuses on the pictures, and if there is a picture of a baby in the book then she points to it.

She has started to get quite smart, which I'm totally scared of! She climbs up the stairs at Grammy & Grampy's place - and I was flabbergasted - because I didn't teach her how to do that! I thought, How did she know how to do that if I didn't teach her? Crap! 

She also understands some words. She knows eyes, elevator button, touch book, light, fan, hungry, tiger, thirsty, thank you, hug, daddy, baby. But she can only speak "mama" and "baby" so far, from what we can understand of all her babbling. For her birthday Auntie Alexandra gave her a dolly and she is crazy about it. She calls it her "papa" (which means baby in Teulgu) and takes it everywhere with her. She also pats it on the back like we do to her when she's fussy.

She loves to dance and she loves songs. If I sing "Ring Around the Rosie" she will get up and turn in circles. She likes to listen to her nursery rhymes in English or Tamil, but she hates it in Hindi!

She is also obsessed with the Korean singer Psy. If she is being fussy while we are feeding her, we put on the "Gangam Style" song and she eats her food perfectly...I swear it has some crazy hypnotism in it for babies. I literally know every single word of that Gangam style song. In Korean!!!

She is crazy about swimming. She kicks and splashes and thinks it is the most fun thing ever. I got her this baby floatie thing and we put her in it and she floats around, and she just loves it. I only have to take her swimming for 20 mins before she gets tired, and then she always has a nap for 2.5 hours after. Any sunny day, I always spend the afternoon swimming at mums.

We recovered from the trip to Venice and luckily we didn't get any jet lag on the way back. But it will definitely be at least another year before I'm ready to travel with her again!

We also had a lovely visit from Maddy's parents who came to visit us during Maya's birthday party. They had so much fun playing with the baby, and Sandhya said if I have another baby she wants to keep Maya all to herself!

It has been quite difficult with Maya at meal times because she has had a hard time transitioning to textured foods and sometimes she vomits up her whole food because she didn't chew something enough. I keep trying though, but she hasn't taken it as easily as most other children do. She has a very sensitive gag reflex. Maybe this is because she got her top teeth a little late. It definitely requires a lot of patience! Her favorite foods are idly, vegetable dal, macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti pomodoro, yogurt, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Toddlerhood is no joke, though. It is extremely tiring! After 13 months, she's finally tired me out enough that I spend her nap time having my own nap. I used to not be able to sleep when she's sleeping because I always wanted to keep watching her in case she suffocated, even in an empty crib!

 Now, I'm just too tired to be paranoid!

Until next month,
A & M &M


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