Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A sophisticated South Indian dinner party

(Looking like a South Indian மனைவி)

On Monday evening, we had the pleasure of attending a sophisticated South Indian dinner party...our first dinner party with other Tamilians in Vancouver! It was a wonderful evening. The past 5 years that we have been living in Vancouver, we have yet to stumble upon a South Indian community. I have always had my eye out, because I want my husband to have friends that he can speak his native language with.

(These babies are just waiting for events like this!)

Since I knew it was going to be South Indians, I dressed up in full Indian wife-y gear - one of my favorite bedazzled Taruni salwar kameez outfits, paired with my mangalsutram, thaali, and sindoor. It turned out I was the only one wearing an Indian outfit, other than one of the diplomat's wives (in Vancouver, nobody ever dresses up!) but I rocked it loud and proud! My salwars are always sitting in my closet cabinet, waiting especially for an occasion like this!

(Husband-ji and me)

The evening was lovely, and we met about 10 other couples, some were business people, university professors, diplomats, and even a famous Indian writer! They were all very modern, sophisticated, and cultured people. Some were still traditional, but modern at the same time - which is the best of both worlds! All Tamilians - some from Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad...and there were 2 other Whindian couples that I had not met yet! YAY! (The whole night I was doing this hallelujah dance in my head!)



  1. Hi! I love your collection of saree's and salwar kameez, just wondering how often you are able to wear Indian clothes in Canada... It seems like you wear them a lot. Are you comfortable wearing them in public? I'm really subconscious about what people will think... Wish I could wear them more but I have no place to wear them to. Mostly I only own fancy sarees, as even a cheap salwar kameez here is over fifty dollars, it seems like its a waste of money.

    1. Thanks so much! In the summer I only wear cotton kurta's over black leggings, people will stare but many Westerners have come up and complimented because even the most simple cotton tunics look fancy to them. Cotton kurtas are really made perfectly for hot weather and are so comfortable.
      But at first I wasn't comfortable at all, it took about 4 years before I wore it in public, I just felt guilty that they were all sitting in my closet!
      The best bet I think is to get the salwar kameez in India itself. They are much cheaper and more modern looking. All the ones for sale here in Vancouver look like they're from the 1990's with crazy expensive prices!
      I would recommend next when you go to India, go out for a girls' shopping day with your female Indian relatives, they surely will have their favorite shops and they can help you select the best. When I've shopped for salwar outfits, the prices have ranged from $20 - $100 CAD per outfit, based on the craftsmanship. Many of the ones I prefer are the more simple ones, as the colors are already so fab.
      Usually in the back of the shops there will be a tailor who can stitch it for you and some even deliver!
      The ones that are available out West are awful..

    2. Yes they are awful, and soo expensive. I wish I could have had more shopping time in India, unfortunately when we went my MIL wanted to visit all the temples in the area, and didn't really care where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do. I didn't get to do any shopping until the day before we left, even though I had asked her at least four times. We went for three weeks and at least one whole week was spent leaving the house before the sun was up, driving 6-9 hrs to a temple, then driving back that night. It was baad lol... My boyfriends knee was screwed up for weeks afterwards because of all the hrs spent in a cramped small car. Cant wait to go back! Hopefully without her next time (I feel bad saying that but I barely enjoyed the trip and the plane ticket itself was a fortune :(.

    3. Yea, I totally get it...that's exactly what happened to me on my first trip to India, I only got the outfits done the last week and it was ready for pick-up only a few days before I left! Don't time go the 2nd day :)'s like how many temples do we have to go to? Didn't we just do a pooja yesterday? lol!!! And oh, the potholes on the indian roads, I swear to god I had whiplash for a year!

    4. Haha not too many potholes where I was, there it was more, going around a curve any faster than forty and you're risking a 30-60 ft drop down a cliff side! Thats with curves every 10 ft or so, and of course the usual Indian "passing rites" aka honk first lol. Ah I miss it there... And its only been a few months!


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