Friday, July 5, 2013

Best boutique shops in India

What you're forgetting to pack
Besides your regular traveling kit, pack baby powder (for the heat), safety pins (for fashion emergencies), antibacterial gel and wipes (there's not always a proper bathroom).

What to buy
Only get things that you can't get back home. Buy Sarees and Salwar kameezTunics, Sandals (called "chappals"), both costume jewelry and precious gems (super cheap), TableclothsIndian fiction novels (not available out West). The first thing you should do is go on a shop-a-thon and find a good tailor (my favorite is R.R. Stitchers in Park Lane, Secunderabad). That way you can wear your outfits for the whole trip.  The worst mistake Westerners make is to look like an outdated hippie. Get glam!! Have fun and dress like the locals do!

Best Shops:

(Our wedding outfits were purchased from here!)
Check out this place first - it's a one stop shopping treasure! They have jewelry, sarees & salwars at every price point, kid's clothes, men's clothes - you name it! They have all the latest in traditional Indian fashion.

A gorgeous boutique filled with modern Indian treasures - home decor, fashion, accessories. A one of a kind gem.

(that's my wedding ring from GRT!)
The most gorgeous selection of South Indian style jewelry. Yes, the gold is expensive because they go by the world gold market price. But the diamonds, emeralds and rubies are SO cheap. I've looked at a bunch of jewelers and they are the best by far, in terms of selection and price.

(that's me in a Kilol Salwar Kameez set, minus the dupatta scarf)
Fabulous prints and fabrics with a modern Jaipur twist. I wear my tunics from here every day. They have a wide range of sizes and they offer stitched & unstitched. They have a tailor on site and they will stitch it for free with your purchase. 

Colorful modern indian home decor at a great price. Watch out for their tablecloths - to die for!!

(one of my Taruni salwars)
The best selection of unstitched Salwar Kameez. Tons of colors and fabrics - they make nice gifts for local Indian friends too.

(My wedding reception saree was from here)
The best quality silk sarees with an array of price points and colors. Very helpful staff and great service. I only get my silk sarees from here.

(I'm wearing a Fab India tunic)
It's like the H&M for ready made Indian wear classics. They usually have them in every city and are great to pick up things like patalia pants and tunics for every day. They also have nice home wares like tablecloths. 

(I'm wearing an Anokhi tunic)
A wonderful shop with gorgeous colors and patterns. A little bit fancier for every day and very unusual. The shop also has cute jewelry, and the boutique in Jaipur had a fantastic cafe which specialized in salads! They also have a fantastic museum located outside of Jaipur, which is basically devoted to block printing. They even let you block print your own fabric!

(Hot Pink store inside the Amer Fort in Jaipur)
This shop is on the pricier side, but it is fabulous. They feature contemporary up and coming Indian designers with a twist. They have a store in Jaipur as well as inside the Amer Fort!


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  1. Hi Alexandr,
    I love u r blog. U r doing a great job. I am a tamilian too. The ring from grt looks great on u. It's fashionable from my grandmothers time. it is passed on through generations. U have picked the right one rather than modern once.



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