Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Canada day long weekend

(Kits Beach naked people)

We had a major heatwave here in Vancouver over the weekend - record breaking heat!!! And our apartment is South facing, so it really felt like Hyderabad temperatures! I literally had to sleep with a wet cloth over my back!

(Daddy & Maya)

For the long weekend, my husband had Sunday AND Monday off work which was really nice. We spent most of the weekend over at my mum's house because she has A/C and a swimming pool - my husband had not yet seen Maya swim! Maya is just crazy about the water.

I got this baby pool toy from London Drugs and it is the best thing ever. It has a diaper-like bottom so that the baby is totally secure and won't tip over.

We also got a chance to go on a date together while my parents babysat Maya. We went for a nice lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Salaam Bombay. It was wonderful to sit down for a meal together and talk like adults without having to run after the baby! Then we went to see the movie White House Down and it was a pretty good action film - lots of crashes and hand to hand combat. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx had great rapport, but Maggie Gylenhaal and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) did the best acting jobs.


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