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Finding other Indian intercultural couples

Let's face it. There are not many of us out there. 
Everyone knows Indians rarely mix. Everytime you see an Indian, it's usually with a group of Indian people.They have a very...ahem...strong culture, shall we say. So whenever I see an Indian with a group of friends that's not totally Indian, I say "Right on, dude!" and whenever I see another Indian intercultural couple - like us - I literally do a happy dance in my head!!!

(This is the hallelujah dance I do in my head everytime I see another intercultural couple!)

When we first got together in 2006, I didn't know of another Whindian (White & Indian) couple. I never even saw one!!! Definitely not in Savannah, Georgia. Or anywhere else for that matter. 
The first time I saw another Indo-intercultural couple was when we were living in San Francisco in 2008 and we went to Vik's Chaat Corner and we saw an Indo-Chinese couple who had a little baby. I almost had a heart attack...OF JOY!!!

After we moved to Vancouver, we found the majority Indian community (or shall I say North Indian community - there are very few South Indians in Vancouver) to be quite backward. There were a lot of blonde girlfriends, but not a lot of wives - or wife-material.

I just stopped looking. I gave up. We got married, had a baby...I was used to being the only South Whindian couple around.

(Delhi, 2011 - the first intercultural couple I ever saw in India, besides us! Woo Hoo!)

Every week I take Maya to one of the VPL's baby storytimes to meet other moms & babies. One day, I started talking to this nice mom, and then I looked down at her baby boy...he looked like Maya's twin brother! I asked her what her baby's name was, and he had an Indian name. She said her husband was a Tamilian too! I was so shocked and overjoyed...I felt like screaming YESSSSS!!! Thank you god!!! Anyways, this couple has become one of our good friends. It is nice for me to have a mom friend who is also has a South Indian husband; and it is nice for my husband to be friends with him, as they are both open-minded; and it is nice for the kids to play together. We have so much to talk about!

After I met her, I started to realize that there must be others like us, out there in the universe. So, what did I do? Duh! Looked on the internet, of course. And I found a shitload of blogs written by other Whindian wives, that are absolutely amazing.


Here are some of my favorites:

Diary of a White Indian Housewife - Sharell is like a freakin' Whindian celebrity! I saw her on an episode of House Hunters International. She writes a fabulous blog about being an Indian wife and living in Mumbai.

Southern Wife, Indian Life - Southern lady Sheryl has been happily married to an Indian for over 20 years and has five children.

ESL Marriage - A Catholic American marries an Indian.

Loving an Indian - "Ophelia" writes anonymously about what it's really like being married to an Indian.

The Endless Road - An American married to a Keralite, living in India.

White Telugu Bride - Vanessa & Sai, newlyweds.

For a full directory, visit HERE!



  1. Hahaha I do the happy dance too! I've never SEEN another "married couple" (we're not married, but we do live together in the same house as my in-laws, and we do plan on marrying). I've seen one teenage couple, and that's it! Im usually like "OMG! Its a white-Indian couple!!!" my boyfriend has to tell me to calm down.

    1. I know, we are so rare!!! And even rarer is the Indian girl/white guy. For that I go absolutely crazy happy!!!

    2. I am Indian (Tamil iyengar) married to a white guy (Canadian). We are rare, but getting more common. I hope you are crazy happy now! :)

    3. @sowgren - crazy happy!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!

    4. As I've written at the bottom of other articles my boyfriend and I are totally a South Whindian couple! (I'm part Finnish so today my mom actually described us as "Findian" lol).
      Also I live in Coquitlam, and he lives in Poco, which will mean something to you Alexandra!
      But yeah, I get so totally excited when I see a whindian couple, especially if the guy looks South Indian. I tap my boyfriend on the arm really hard or tug his shirt and say: "LOOK!! It's US!!" To which he usually rolls his eyes and smiles or says "shh don't say that so loud, they can probably hear you". HOWEVER - he says the same things if he spots the couple first lol. If we see a couple "like us" who is in their 40s or 50s, I say "look, it's FUTURE us!" and if I see a couple where the woman is Indian, I exclaim "hey look-it's the opposite of us" or, "it's us in reverse!" Ahh, never gets old..
      When I was in South India I saw about 4-5 couples that "looked like us".
      :) :D

  2. I have actually never felt too rare since my brother-in-law married a white girl as well. It has always been great having another white girl in the family to discuss things with! It is always nice to find more girls though! I love all the varying opinions of white women who have Indian husbands!

    1. Me too...we all have so much in common. I'm just dying for another foreigner to marry into our family! You are so lucky :)

  3. When i met my Indian boyfrien (fiance now) i thought the same, but now i see in Internet is bilion couples like we and i love reading blogs and all those romantic stories, very often similar to our) :) But when we started writing blog i thought we are so original, now i know, almost everyone doing this :D

  4. It is great to find this blogspot. I am South Indian engaged to my American boyfriend and we were looking to expand our Whindian social circle :-) I am Michigan and hope to find a few to meet and interact with..

  5. I do the same!! Im indian and Ill be marrying a White New Yorker in about a month. But everytime i see an Indian girl (one that was raised in India) with a white Significant other I do a mental happy dance :)


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