Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to make authentic chai like an Indian wife-y

Kya aap ko chai chahiye?
Tea sapode?

Making an authentic Indian chai for my husband and my in-laws is basically my one Indian contribution to our marriage. Just kidding!

No seriously... it is actually one of the only things that I can do absolutely flawlessly - it tastes like an Indian wife has made it! My FIL loves it so much that he gets jealous when he sees any pictures uploaded of others drinking my chai!

Madh Mama's Authentic Indian Wife Chai

Serves 2 people
- 2 tbsp. Loose Indian tea powder (My favorite is Taj Mahal brand, but Tea India is good. Any Indian grocer will have an excellent selection of teas)
- 2 cups whole milk
- 3 cardamon pods "elachi"
- 2 inch fresh ginger piece
- sugar to taste

- small pot
- tea strainer
- mortar & pestle (for crushing the spices)

(some of the ingredients)


1. Measure out 2 cups of milk.

2. Put the pot on the stove on to a high temperature, and pour all the milk into the pot.

3. Measure out 2 tbsp of tea powder and put it into the pot.

4. Add sugar to taste. (My husband has a sweet tooth so I put 3-4 tsp of sugar for 2 servings)

5. Take 3 cardamon pods and crush it with the mortar & pestle. Then put it in the pot.

6. Take the 2 inch piece of ginger and crush it with the mortar & pestle. Then put it in the pot.

7. Watch pot closely until it comes to a boil, then take it off the heat.

8. Pour the tea into your cup while straining the tea powder out.

And voila! Authentic Indian Wife Chai!!!


Every family will make their chai differently. Some will make it with half water, half milk. For Masala Chai you would also add cloves and a cinnamon stick, but it will take longer to steep.

Many Indians typically like to drink chai early in the morning and mid-afternoon.

If you want to win over your inlaws, learning how to make a delicious chai is a MUST!



  1. Spot on! I love ginger in my tea too. In our house we do part water, part milk - and you're so right, if you can make a great tea and serve it to your Inlaws on a tray, you've totally one them over!

    1. So many people do half water & half milk! I think that is actually more popular than all milk...but I just love to have it nice and fattening ;)

      I think the chai TOTALLY helped with the inlaws...when other girls come to me who are just starting out in a Whindian relationship, I always tell them "learn how to make chai first, then worry about everything else later!" much of Indian life is based around the love of food and flavors!

    2. In Mumbai this all milk tea is known as pani cum chai in Iranian restaurant ...

    3. mr joshi it is ok to say "pani cum chai" in india but it is some thing different in west. i have seen westerners pointing out "exhibition cum sale" banners in mumbai.
      alexandra might be laughing while publishing this.

  2. I made my daily tea for my in-laws when they came to visit (Punjabi style with fennel and cardamom) and my in-laws called it "tea-stall tea" and I am not sure it was complimentary!

    Their tea is very simple: put water, milk, sugar, and tea into a pot. Let it boil. Turn down, let it steep. Strain and pour. Nothing else to it :) I like it when I go visit there but when I come home, it's back to "tea-stall tea" for me!

    1. OMG yours is one of my favorite blogs! Thank you for reading mine :) What a compliment to me :)))
      I think "tea stall" tea is absolutely delicious...I think it's definitely a compliment from your inlaws!
      Adding fennel would be delicious. I'll try that!

  3. The best aspect of Indian culture...the food ;-))


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