Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toddlerhood is totally kicking my ass...!

(The boss)

Maya is officially a toddler now, and at 13 months...she is totally wearing me out! Not only is she walking, but she is running! She is so active that she is really tiring me out these days. 

(Mommy needs a nap)

I've been getting a full night's sleep along with a big nap in the afternoon, so at least that's good. I've been staying out of the heat, but I still do something fun with her every day. Yes, every single day I do something special with her (mostly to get her tired so that she naps well = read: I nap well!)

I have been feeling so low energy lately...and then I realized that I'm so busy with the tot, that I'm forgetting to eat regularly. The other day, I felt so faint... and then I realized that I hadn't had a single bite to eat in 5 hours! 

(My mason jar salads - cucumber, bell pepper, roasted beets with fennel and mixed greens)

So, my project this weekend was to try to put together some pre-made nutritious snacks to get me through the day. I saw this great idea on Pinterest to make Mason Jar Salads - with pre-made, pre-chopped vegetables...so all I'd have to do is throw it on the plate and put throw the dressing on. These salads last 5 days with the chopped vegetables, so it is perfect to get me thru my mommy-work week.

(My mason jar salad turned out great. I added chopped walnuts, goat cheese and dressing)

(This is the salad dressing I used. It goes with everything. You can get it at Whole Foods in Vancouver)

Every break I have, when I'm not napping, I'm writing (hey, aren't I supposed to be unpacking my apartment?) I have never felt so fabulous than when I'm writing. I just have so much crap to say!!! And now, I have so many readers of this blog (228 pageviews on Friday alone!), from all over the world...god knows who...but thanks for reading!


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