Saturday, August 17, 2013

14 months old

This summer has been amazing in Vancouver - July was one of the hottest record-breaking months without even a single drop of rain. Since it has been so hot during the day, one of our favorite things to do with Maya is going for nice sunset walks by the ocean...but then we discovered that Maya is scared of the sand! We put her down on the sand and she had a complete flip out...she was acting as if she didn't like the dirty sand beneath her feet, and got freaked out that it was moving when she stepped on it! So instead, we let her play on the grass in the park and she just loves it. She points up at the trees, and the ocean, and runs to see all the people who are also having picnics, as well as putting a mat down and eating all together while she crawls all over me, and bites me and licks me. Oh, motherhood...!

She has developed a really big interest in dancing, singing, and Bollywood tantrums. Sandhya (who is hoping that she will become a doctor - what else for an Indian girl?!?) is even saying that we should put her in dance, singing and acting classes when she gets older. Maya is obsessed with music videos and loves to dance to them. She currently has 3 dance moves - the hip shake, the sideways crab crawl, and the jump up and down wriggle. She likes to sing a lot which can be misinterpreted for yelling! If it is in fact a yell, it's a very long yell!

Like a typical girl, she has a fascination for jewelry. Anytime I wear an earring or necklace she touches it delicately and looks so closely at it (mere inches away) - it's like she's a jewelry appraiser or something!

She has become quite independent in the sense that she no longer wants to hold my hand when she walks, and she likes to flip the pages of the books - she won't let me do it, so I'd better read fast!

Not only that, but she has started to run. She now pitter patters around faster than my own pace, so I'm trying to keep up with her! (Who needs exercise?) If I take my eyes off her for even 5 seconds, I have no idea where she's ran to!

Her hair has grown so fast and has gotten really long, curly, and fair. It has become so long that I have to use a hair pin so that it doesn't get in her eyes! I do bows, ponytails, and we also did her first pig tails! It makes her look like a little girl and makes me feel like she's so grown up! 

She has finally started to eat what we're eating - all the textured food - which is so great. She is such an Indian girl. She is crazy about rice/mango pickle, any curries, idly, dosa, dals, and she loves pesto pasta and any lime or garlic flavors. This chick loves anything masala! She is also crazy for cherries, just like me & Sandhya. She actually gets mad at me if I don't give it to her fast enough! She also likes fresh mango slices or mango lassi's. And of course, she's crazy about ice cream, and french fries too. I think she'll have no problem with food when we visit India next year!

Every evening she likes to do what I call "the WWF smackdown" where she wrestles with us and crawls all over us wanting us to chase and tickle her. So....maybe she'll be a WWF female wrestler / bollywood actress / Bharat Natyam dancer / Classical singer / nature lover / Indian chef / food critic....? Whatever she is...I know she'll be well-dressed!

Until next month,



  1. Seems like you are having loads of fun. lol.

    1. OMG yes...I never get bored, that's for sure! This chick has a real personality :D

  2. What a beautiful young lady ! (Padparadscha)

    1. Thanks Padparadscha! She's starting to look like a little girl now, not a baby's happening too fast! :(

    2. Yes, I know, I've been there. Time to clean up your spare room ? ;)

    3. Totally! Just in case :) [said like the organized alpha Western woman I am] lol


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