Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stewart & Daniela: An Greek-Scottish/Italian Wedding


Over the long weekend, we were blessed to attend our family friend Stewart as he married his beautiful bride Daniela. Stewart is Greek/Scottish and Daniela is Italian, and they had friends and family from all over to to celebrate with them. It was a fantastic multicultural affair.

(Maya in the church)

The wedding was in a charming Italian church, St. Francis of Assisi Parish. St. Francis is one of the two patron saints of Italy (Catholic). The church felt very sacred and peaceful and it reminded me a lot of my grandparent's due to the 1950's architecture of the building.

(Daniela coming down the aisle)

My favorite part of the wedding was when Daniela first came out, and Stewart saw the woman who he loved, dressed as his bride. He just melted. She walked down the aisle with her parents in an amazing custom-made dress which was so feminine and delicate. My other favorite part of the wedding was when they were saying their vows. Daniela said, "I take you, Stewart, as my husband..." and then started to get emotional. I got really emotional for her as well, because it is such a tender moment when you finally get to tell the man you love that he is your husband. Even after 2 years of being married myself, I still love calling Madhavan my husband. I still get chills every time I say it. The priest spoke about many things during the service, such as: cherishing your partner above any other, your spouse is your equal partner, and giving yourself to them continually, unselfishly.

(I do)

After the service was over, pictures were taken outside on the lawn. The fellow was calling out the names of the people who were to be in the pictures, and every other name was George or Mary (common Greek names) and everybody laughed.

(Beautiful soft details at the reception place settings)

(Wedding cake)

In the evening, there was a reception at the Italian Cultural Centre with dinner, drinks, dancing, and speeches. The bride & groom made their grand entrance with a procession of Scottish bagpipe players...it was fantastic! You could feel the love in the room - everyone who attended were huge supporters of Stewart & Daniela right from the start, and were so happy to see them become a family. During one of the speeches, Daniela's brother said something poignant. He said, "As long as you have your family and friends, food on your table, and a roof over your head...you are blessed." And isn't that so true...

(First dance as husband & wife)

(Mother-son dance / Father-daughter dance)

We were blessed to attend this wedding, to celebrate the love between this couple. The whole time I was thinking it was the most perfect match - there could be nobody better for each other than these two. It was truly meant to be!

(Our outfits for the church wedding / evening reception dinner)

For the church wedding, we wore our full Indian outfits - I wore a blue/orange silk saree that my SIL gave me, Maya wore a lehenga, and husband-ji wore an embroidered kurta with matching pant and shoes. For the evening reception, I wore a bedazzled beige saree, Maya wore a Jacadi dress, and husband-ji wore an outfit from Zara man. The first saree took me 25 mins to wrap, and the second one took me only 10 mins to wrap...looks like I'm finally getting good at the folds!

(Scottish procession of bagpipes to introduce the newlyweds)

I love weddings...I love the celebration of love, with friends & family cheering the couple on as they start their life together. It was wonderful to see Stewart get hitched since I've known him since I was a little girl. And all of my Greek family was there, so it was good to see them, chit chat, and dance together - and all the babies were the kings of the dance floor!

(Maya dancing to "Pretty Woman")


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