Thursday, August 1, 2013

The splitting of Andhra Pradesh

Yesterday morning we woke up to the news that Andhra Pradesh - my husband's state - had split into two states. What does this mean exactly?

Andhra Pradesh has been split into 2 separate states: Telangana (interior) and Andhra Pradesh (coastal & Southern). Hyderabad - the state's capital - will be a shared capital for both these states for the next 10 years, which could be challenging. Telengana is predominantly an agricultural area and is very rural, outside of Hyderabad (being a very large metropolis). This campaign for a separate state has been going on for over 50 years, but in the last 5 years the violence has hugely escalated. In the news they are saying the split is due to language - but there are 3 different dialects of Telugu - due to the 3 regions in Andhra Pradesh: Telengana, Rayalasima, and Coastal Andhra. So everyone is wondering if the state is going to be further split up; and if there are any other regions that are going to follow this division. My husband says this split is 100% about politics.

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The Andhra political unrest has been going on for decades. I remember on one of our visits, our Kolluthatha (Great grandfather) was so upset when he saw the news that this young man had publicly set himself on fire to support the Telengana movement. And when my SIL was pregnant, there were constant curfews due to the violence, and I was so worried for her that she would be able to get to the hospital to have her baby. When I visited Hyderabad and spoke to people about it, most urban people just wanted to continue on with their lives and businesses, and they hated having all the riots in the centre of the city. Hyderabad is such a booming large city, which is smack in the middle of this war, over all of these years.

So now, there are two states. At least it is over now. Does this mean the violence will stop? I hope so...I hope for peace...finally...



  1. Hi,
    When you asked me before where I come from? I said I am not comfortable yet revealing. After the Andhra pradesh split for two days, I was distraught. I come from Hyderabad its my home. I made a post but don't know yet if I will post it or not. D says I am too emotional right now to make a post or even decide to reveal my home town on my blog. So, I will think more.

    1. Hi R,
      You should write a post about it, it is a really big thing. Write about anything that moves you...
      I think you can reveal anything but your name.
      That's cool you are from Hyd too, looks like we are having more and more in common! My husband grew up in Malkajgiri area in Secunderabad.

    2. Definitely appropriate for bloggers to write about what pulls their heart strings.
      Independence was a rushed, mangled and poorly executed affair that left so many with questions ad demands. Partition and beyond have been a time of great loss and pain for those in Punjab and as time past on our state continued to be slaughtered for the sake of politics, still sharing Chandigarh as a capital today.
      Still demands are made, some Sikhs still call for a separate state and Punjab is just one of many states divided.
      Civil unrest, bandh and political dramas are not something I am used to nor want to get used to.
      I hope the violence will stop and that hearts will be healed with this decision, but also that it does not lead the way for more demands fortified in violent threats.

  2. "In the news they are saying the split is due to language"

    Very untrue...the split was caused by dominance of Andhra people over Telangana people. One more thing: Telangana people never wanted to be with Andhra people, they were forced against their will by politicians.

  3. "In the news they are saying the split is due to language"

    Very untrue. The split was caused because of the dominance of Andhra over Telangana people. In fact, the Telangana people (ex- Hyderabad state, ruled by Nizam) never wanted to be with Andhra. In fact, Costal Andhra used to belong to Tamil Nadu. Unfortunatelly, when the Costal Andhra has been split with Tamil Nadu(also because of their dominance over Tamilians who got tired of it)the Talangana state was forced to join with Costal Andhra against their will. When I write about dominance of Andhra people I mean mostly the Govt jobs, which they kept for their relatives, not allowing Telangana people to be promoted etc. My mother in law lost the promotion for the sake of the Andhra person, who's relatives were already working in that office. My husband who is proud to be pure Hyderabadi without any Andhra roots, also suffers injustice in his corporate job. I am not saying that all Andhra people are bad, just some of them have very bad mentality and they do not want to see that Telangana people are sometimes smarter then them :-) Anyway, to understand all of this you would have to read some history books starting from Kakatiyas dynasty....and once again believe me: language was never an issue here, although Andhra people like mocking Telangana accent-I have seen it many times :/

    1. Thanks for the insightful info. It is too bad that these two groups can't just get along. So much division.
      Our Telugu family is from Coastal Andhra - Guntur - but they are all in Hyderabad now. Many of the Andhra ones I know feel superior to the Telangana, they think they are farmers or something, from what I have noticed.


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