Thursday, August 8, 2013

This cat has 9 lives

(My blogging notes on my article: naming a half-Indian baby)

Well, it looks like I'm a writer now, or a blogger... shall we say...?!?!

Ever since I started writing about all the Indian customs, the blog has gotten really popular...with Indians, Westerners, and Whindians alike! I even have readers who have no connection to India, who find the cultural aspects that I'm talking about fascinating!

I can't believe it. Last month we had 9000 page views, with so many loyal readers from all over the world reading my daily writings. I am still in shock processing all this. I actually have fans besides my mother?!?!? Fans who don't even know me personally? Random people who are just interested in what I have to say? Is it all a dream?

I had this blog for a while but I didn't tell my husband or in-laws. It was my little secret...just for me. Crap! What if they went all psycho-Indian on me and asked me to remove it and stop talking about their culture? After I shared it with them, they all just loved it. My MIL wants to be my official blog consultant in case I have any questions on the Indian customs (looks like she has gotten used to all my question-asking!) and my FIL is reading it every day at 5am to start his day.

 Originally, I thought this blog would be about motherhood, but then as we are raising our daughter, a lot of Indian cultural-isms have been coming up on a daily basis. And I also started to reveal more about our Whindian life and about our marriage. I think a lot of readers are curious about "how we function", and that we are really just like everybody else...maybe that's why people can relate. People can relate to the really personal stuff. The life stories. If I'm going to take the time to write this thing, it's gotta be honest. I'm not just going to reveal the good OR the bad. I want to paint a whole picture, of everything.

I know the extended Indian family might be totally freaked out about this...don't worry, I won't name names! (Besides, you are one of 500 family members...) Or maybe just don't piss me off! (JOKING!!! I swear...)

I wasn't sure how my husband would feel about me posting pictures of him and the baby, but it turned out he didn't mind at all. He never tries to control me. When my blog started getting more of a following, he was my biggest cheerleader. I think he liked to see my tired mommy face light up with pride when I told him about my fan letters, or when I asked him specific Indian customs questions. I love this man. Sigh....!!!

I have always considered myself to be an artist, as I come from an artistic family with my mother being in Fashion, and my father being in publishing. My father was the one who taught me how to write - I remember him constantly going through my essays with his red pen, editing everything. And boy, did it pay off... I learned how to write, from the heart, for an audience. I'm not sure if I could ever write a fiction book or anything like that, but I can definitely write about my day to day stuff, in an engaging way.

I entered art school as a classically trained painter, only to switch majors and graduate with a BFA in photography, with documentary photography being my favorite genre. I liked capturing the rawness of the world. Not the studio stuff. Real life in all it's glory. And now, as a full-time mom, I don't have time to paint or photograph (other than take pics of my daughter - my favorite subject), so the only way I can express myself is to WRITE...only when baby's sleeping, of course!


I think one of the best things I can do for my own personal expression is just to keep writing, every day. I spent the whole of last month doing meaningful posts every single day and I've never felt better. It's like I have total posting diarrhea! All these thoughts I've had for all these years have just been exploding out of me. I write each post in under 30 minutes, with the words just floating out of my mind through my fingers dancing on the keyboard. It's like a 30 minute out-of-body experience, and I feel lighter.

I may only have a BFA.... but I have also have a PHD from the university of the REAL WORLD on being a Tamil wife-y, Indian family dynamics, motherhood, and Western family dynamics. I really believe that the real world can teach you more than any course of study; and socializing with others of different cultures and different ethnicities (not to mention travel) is the BEST form of education. When the world is speaking to me, I stop and pay attention.

To all my readers...I am blessed by your presence and your interest in our life. Through my blog I feel a sense of community that I have never felt before, and it has added a lot to my life. Connecting with other readers, other intercultural couples, parents, wives, and many other individuals has been really rewarding. I deeply value the interactions with each and every one of you. You challenge me, you inspire me, you get me thinking, you get me to open up to the world and become a better person.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, and you can also email me questions or suggestions for future topics. 

Thank you to all my lovely readers, I am continually grateful and inspired!

Madh Mama



  1. I am just like your FIL. I start my day reading your blog too with my cup of coffee,just not at 5AM. lol.

    Congrats on 9000 views last month you deserve it and more. I really like your consistency. I get to read a new post every day in the morning. When I started to follow your blog, I always wondered how you did it when taking care of a toddler. I think consistency retains readers.

    Also like I said your grasp on Indian culture is good than many.

    1. I am absolutely flattered! Thank you!!!


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