Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Music that makes me see clearly

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As a writer, sometimes there are just so many thoughts piled up in my head that I have trouble getting them out. (Like constipation...hahaha!) And as an artist, I am deeply affected by the world around me, I observe things that others' tend to miss, and I am inspired by even the most simplest of things (even a flower on the ground).

Sometimes when I'm having trouble getting my thoughts out, I like to listen to music while I write. But it can only be wordless music that doesn't disrupt my thoughts. I like to listen to meditation music or chillstep music and it helps with releasing my thoughts into a smooth flow on the page.

My favorite thing to listen to while writing is my cousin's music. Yes, my baby cousin. He is an amazing artist and musician, and you would never even know it by even interacting with him. He is so stoic and strong, but there is a sparkle that is always in his eyes - the sparkle of an artist - who is always absorbing the world around him. Like many artists', you can learn so much about them by the things they produce. Art is very revealing - all art forms - music, dance, painting, writing, photography - it is all about expressing the world through their eyes.

My favorite song that he has done is called "Breathe" because it was the only thing that helped me when I was writing the letter to our grandma after she passed away, that was to be buried with her forever. Such a heavy task, to write something to somebody that means so much to your life, that is to be buried with them for eternity. Listening to my cousin's music, it not only made me think clearly, but it also gave me the courage and the strength to write that letter. And every time I want to write something that is difficult for me, I like to listen to that song.

Click HERE to listen to his music on Sound Cloud.
Michael St. Laurent on BandCamp & Facebook Fan page.


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