Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recipe: Pudina Rice (Mint rice)

One of my absolute favorite dishes is Pudina rice - and it is also one of Maya's favorites! It is very easy, quick and flavorful - perfect for a busy family! It is a very refreshing dish, and we ate it all Summer.

Madh Mama's Pudina Rice

Serves 4 people

- 2 large potatoes
- 1 sprig of mint
- 1/2 red onion
- 1 jalapeno / chilli
- 1 tbsp jeera (cumin)
- 2 cups of cooked rice *cook ahead of time and keep aside*

- large pot for boiling potatoes
- medium saute pan
-potato peeler
- small blender/food processor


(Wash the mint springs first and shake them a bit)

(Chop the onion in long pieces)

(Chop jalapeno & put it in the food blender)

(Pick off the mint leaves)

(Put the mint leaves in the blender)

(Keep aside a few mint leaves and a small handful of chopped onions)

(Peel the 2 potatoes)

(Chop potatoes into medium squares)

(Boil the potatoes)

(Load a few onions in the blender)


(Make sure to blend it to this consistency)

(Turn up pan to medium heat, put some oil, and saute the jeera for 20 seconds)

(Throw the onions into the saute pan)

(You can saute the onions at the same time the potatoes are boiling)

(When the potatoes are done boiling, drain it, throw the water out, heat oil and put back in the pan)

(Onions done)

(Let the cooked potatoes brown a bit and pour salt)

(Pour the onions into the potatoes' pan)


(Rip up the rest of the mint pieces and put it in the pan)


(Pour in the blended mint)


(Put two cups of cooked rice in the pan and stir)

(All done!)

Dee-lish! One of my absolute faves! Great for potlucks, and leftovers too.



  1. Need to try sometime, heard its yummy but my mom never made it. Thanks for the recipe. I am on vacation from cooking will order my brother to make it.:)

  2. Hey we tried it over the weekend. It was really yummy. My brother loved it and cleaned the dish. :) Thanks for the recipe.

    1. So glad! Yay!!! It's my MIL's recipe but hubby changed it a bit...

  3. This looks awesome! will try it this week.

    1. Thanks so much! It is deee-lish! You won't be disappointed! :)


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