Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The pickpocket

So, I have a thief. A internet thief who has been silently stealing my writings and pictures and marking them as their own - a pickpocket of sorts...

I came across this site by accident through my feed. I haven't been looking at my feed too much lately, but I caught this one entirely by coincidence. And when I clicked on the site, lo and behold...was my entire Madh Mama blog copied and pasted!!! The first post that came up was the picture of my MIL from my post: "Did I Westernize my Indian MIL?". I immediately felt protective. I felt like they had kidnapped my dear MIL and was holding her captive in some internet dungeon. The site was so amateur, I felt disgusted that our life was sprawled across this cheap imitation! That too, crowded with pesky ads of software they were trying to steal my posts to generate site traffic to make $. UGH! I could just smell the paisa all over this those random coins that fall out of people's pockets on the road.

What the heck... I'm not sure whether to be pissed off or flattered. Actually, I'm mostly pissed off that they were taking all the content of my blog without my permission. There's a law against that, ya know... I have a copyright! And I can totally track them down and unleash MY inner stalker! (If blogging doesn't work out, I could totally start an internet detective agency with my

So, that's exactly what I did. I contacted the site's server and provided them the links, and then they removed all the content they had stole within 2 hours, which was impressive. Maybe the internet ain't the "Wild West" I thought it was!

Dear internet vulture (or future internet vultures)...get your own damn writing!!! If you want to be a writer, than be one. Sit down at your computer, think, and type away....instead of save-click-publish. If you like one of my posts and want to reblog it, then ASK me and give me credit for it. There is only one true Alexandra Madhavan, a.k.a. Madh Mama. You do not have a beloved husband-ji with a perfectly trimmed moustache and cutie-pie Maya. You are an impostor and I am on to you!!!

That is all!



  1. Go Madh Mama go!! Chew em up and spit em out! :)

    1. ;) I love to threaten the trolls a little bit...they always get spooked!

  2. I would think that having your pictures tagged made it much easier for them to see they were stolen too. I'm glad you were able to get them taken down.

    1. I know, I was impressed it got taken down so fast!
      Trolls: 0
      Alexandra: 1


  3. Wow! I agree with American Punjaban, you'd think having a tag on your picture would make them less easy for them to steal and want to use them. Most web hosting sites don't joke with copyright breach, so no the Internet is defintiely not the Wild West in that matter.

    1. "Copyright" is definitely the magic word! I was totally impressed at the quickness it got taken down. I thought it would take days!


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