Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The saint/rapist

**Disclaimer - This post is my personal opinion**

(Caption: "I am a God, I can do whatever I want, theek hai?)

One of the Indian news stories that has been really pissing me off lately is that of Asaram Bapu. 
For those of you that don't know him, he is a self-proclaimed "God man"/"Saint" who is a Hindu spiritual leader that runs 425 ashrams all over the world. Otherwise known as a very rich fraudster who runs a cult spirituality business. A con man who makes $6,500,000,000 USD per year (a.k.a. definitely doesn't have to answer to the law in India)

This "saint" has conveyed many valuable words of wisdom to the world, including:
- if a woman is getting raped she should act helpless and call the rapist "bhaiyya" (brother) and he will surely stop 
- rape victims are guilty of their attacks too
- sexual desire in men/women should be condemned
- abolishing Valentine's Day and replace it with "Parents' Worship Day"
- married couples should not have sex during auspicious days on the Hindu calendar because it will lead to conceiving physically disabled children
- every time you get sexual urges, stuff cotton into your ears and roll your head back
- stricter rape laws will make "loose women" scream rape more often and convict innocent men
- listening to pop music makes youngsters sexually promiscuous

Recently, this 72 year old "celibate" dirtbag was accused of sexual assault by a 16 year old girl who was brought by her parents' to his Jodhpur ashram to "rescue her from evil spirits". She was [allegedly] threatened and assaulted. Since then, she has been harassed by Bapu's followers to withdraw the complaint and that "he made a mistake". I just wonder how many more girls are there who have stayed silent? He is 72 years old, this surely cannot be the first one...

And that isn't even the beginning. Way back in 2008, he was accused by a former follower that he and his son treats his Ashrams like a brothel and exploits his women followers by making them into his sex slaves, making these young virgin girls believe that they are having sex with "God" and devoting themselves to "God". Not only that, but the same year, two young boys were murdered at the ashram and their bodies were mutilated and dismembered. The ashram initially refused to let the parents' go to the police. It became a big story in the media after the boys' murder, and as a result several women journalists' who reported on the murder were harassed and beaten up by Bapu's followers. Still in 2008, ANOTHER two boys were found murdered in another one of his ashrams in Madhya Pradesh. And of course there were no consequences (he's a "God" right?)

Since this rape victim reported it to the police, so many of Asaram's followers have come out in support of him, saying that this girl, who is a VICTIM OF ABUSE is "trying to ruin Hindu culture". Again with all that crap. "He is being persecuted"..."he is being targeted"....actually, this man is a sexual predator and he is the one who is doing the targeting! These followers are being manipulated to believe that they are following "God" when they are in fact following and protecting an [alleged] rapist and child abuser!!!

Wake the F*** up, people!!! THIS MAN IS NOT A GOD. He is a regular man just like everybody else who has used his powers of manipulation to make you give him all his money. He is USING the sacred religion of Hinduism to put money in his pocket and give himself a God-like status. And apparently, the God-man in India does not have to answer to the law, can [allegedly] rape children and have everyone defend him. What the hell is wrong with these followers? You're offering up your children as sacrificial lambs to this [alleged] criminal and rapist just because he performs a Satsang? Will you jump off a cliff too if he asks?

The news broke about him in the same week that the Mumbai gang rape happened. The 5 accused rapists were chased (some caught even in Delhi) within 24 hours. They were arrested, interrogated promptly and they remain in jail. For Asaram Bapu, it was over TWO WEEKS since the victim accused him, and he moved freely like the "God" he claims to be, continued on with his spiritual tour, and when summoned and threatened by the police, he claimed he was "not feeling well". In fact, this "God man" had told the police that he is too busy to be interrogated until September 19th (too busy because he's trying to get his story straight?) How convenient. When it fits into HIS schedule..but of course Guru-ji, come at your leisure... The police FINALLY put their foot down and arrested him over the weekend, thank god. They made him sit in jail "like everybody else" and did medical tests, including a "potency test" in which he claimed he was impotent which turned out to be untrue. Not exactly any surprise there...

Still, I wonder, with over TWO WEEKS since the crime was committed, how will they find evidence? No evidence, no crime scene, no witnesses (I'm sure everyone is getting paid off in crores while we speak)....how is justice to be served??? I guess if the 5 Mumbai gang rapists want to continue to assault women, they should probably start an ashram and call themselves "saints" - then they can say whatever they want, do whatever they want, and people will kiss the ground they walk on. An ashram - otherwise known as a rape colony with no justice. Every woman's paradise, right? To be violated by a fraudster a "God" and convinced that it's okay? (sounds like hell on Earth to me)

And FYI, God is within each one of us as human beings - the spirit of god, the spirit of doing good unto others. There is no such thing as an anointed God-man on Earth, sorry to disappoint you. And even if there was, he wouldn't participate in actions that would damage others (corruption, land-stealing, molestation, abuse, verbal harassment, verbal condemnation, collecting crores for Satsangs)  That's all celebrity crap. That's called a regular con man with a huge ego and lots of dollars in his pocket.

On one hand there is a public outcry to keep women safe in India, a campaign for swifter justice, police chasing down the suspects of the Mumbai gang-rape..."Get those slum-dwellers and castrate them!", many are saying ....and on another hand we have a man whom everyone (including parliament) is clearly LETTING him get away with rape...letting him get away with such offenses is the same as protecting him..."He is a saint, he is being targeted by foreigners because they want to destroy Hinduism!" (Ummm...what foreigners? Is that the go-to blame response for everything here? OMFG)

 Oh, the parallels...oh, the inequality of it all...

So, I ask you, what exactly is the difference between the gang-rapists and this [alleged] child rapist, Asaram Bapu? MONEY.


Click HERE if you want to read an article about why the laws for rape are different with rich/poor.
Click HERE to read more details on the dark side of Asaram Bapu.


Dear readers, what do you all think about this? When is rape in India going to be taken seriously? Why is it only taken seriously when the rapists' are slum-dwellers with no connections? Can MONEY buy you a get-out-of-jail free card? What do you guys think about this Asaram Bapu nonsense?



  1. I do not trust any godman. Period. They are just smart marketing guys who prey on people's emotions and in return have fat bank accounts. When Indian people run to godmen, I can understand that. But when Western folks run to Indian godmen, I think, may be, some day they will come out of their trance.

    1. I don't know, probably most Westerners are looking to fulfill some empty void through religion, maybe the exoticism of India appeals to them? In the West, Scientology is a religion which is like a cult and has very questionable methods of imprisoning their followers. I hate it when Westerners go to India and ONLY go to those freakin' Ashrams. That is not the real India!!!

  2. "(Ummm...what foreigners? Is that the go-to blame response for everything here? OMFG)"
    Not sure if your G is an FG or not, but this man was instrumental in reconverting hundreds of people back to Hinduism, and this precisely what led to the accusations..It is the inherent nature foreigners (Christians) to be precise to "cry" wolf when they actuall "play" wolf..we had enough persecution stories to suffocate us. All from the breed which burnt women for suspect witchcraft, and executed people who put forth scientific theories(helio-centric theory, anyone?) that went against biblical faith. We do not do this in our culture which is the result of our belief system. The cornerstone(or one of the cornerstones?) of our faith is every being(living or non-living) is a piece of the Supreme Being. Sayings used even by illiterates reflect this profound understanding..."kallaikkandaal naayai kaanom: naayai kandaal kallai kaanom" is one such adage. your husband or MIL might help you with this. We are encouraged to seek truth in everything and if you ask any hindu what Hinduism is all about, he will say it is about realizing the Ultimate Truth which is the realization of God in one's self..nothing is a secret here. Just because you lack the perception or you don't care to look beyond superficiality, doesn't mean that it is mystery forever..Until recently, xtians were telling that Christ is(was) the only son of the only true God and he alone is the Saviour..and everybody else is a sinner to be redeemed. And now comes Edgar Cayce's psychic readings(edited of course..through which the world came to know for the second time that Christ spent some time in India) and Christ becomes a state of being that anyone can attain and Jesus just proved that by attaining Christhood(or one with God) through crucifiction..!Ever heard of the white man's saying "give the dog a bad name before you shoot it"??

    And btw, way long before your grandmothers took masters degree, worked with the prime ministers and fought "along side" Russian soldiers in wwII, when Eve could only carry forward the message of the Devil to her husband(??) Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, our women were composing sophisticated literature (ask your husband about Gargi, Maitreyi, Lopamudra etc.,), ruling kingdoms(queen Nayanika, Kurmadevi, Didday, princess Kumaradevi etc.,) not just sitting on the decorated throne but commanding armies as well.. then of course we have Rani Jhansi, Chitoor Rani Chinamma, Velu Nachiar etc.,... For a country that has been under foreign rule for the longest time in history, and still continues to be under shadow rule of foreign vested interests, challenges are innumerable but not insurmountable. India will very soon get it all together when She gets rid of her Firangi Bahu (not you!!). And if you or any other readers consider this as yet another rhetoric of past and lost glory, I admit it is, and proud of it too. Heck, if blatant lies and falsehood can be rhetorical, why not truth?

    1. No, I have never heard of those white mans sayings. And no, I do not read the Bible. Why would you assume that I do?
      Wow, I am supremely happy for you that a rapist has led you back to Hinduism. Bravo. Say it loud and proud, sister!

      P.S. get rid of all the foreign interests, and you'll still have the same problems but no one to blame...

    2. Oh yeah..loud and clear, if everyone that leads us back to Hinduism is going to be labeled a rapist, a hypocrite, a moron, a whatever....we don't care for the labels; we are proud. Thx for admitting that you never heard of those sayings and btw, where did I mention bible?? I never read it too...we are not in the habit of blaming anyone for our problems. Even a layman in India is aware of the laws of karma..Now there is a tamil saying: "Theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaaraa".. The foreign interests were a form of retribution for our past collective karma and we will face it. But that does not mean we will take everything thrown on our face, lest we add to our baggage..we are more aware now, than ever..
      Hypocrisy, rape, incest, patriarchy, favoring male children over females...weren't these part of your(western) past??e.g. Tudors,. we did not have dowager princess or queens..we did not need a suffragist movement in India..
      Have you got rid of them for good? How is that that "nearly 75% of the psychos that walked the face of the earth are Americans(westerner?)" ..this claim was made by an expert criminal profiler in a discovery channel program on serial murders. And then Jack, the stripper? I know your response to this.."majority of crimes are not reported in India..oh they are so corrupt"..
      The west is totally rape-free? women are treated equally? If you mean forcing a nursing mother to go for baby sitter that she could not afford, in order to dispense her duties as a jury or be rebuked for bringing her baby along with her, is equality, then we do not have such a thing here..there was so much controversy over providing insurance coverage for contraception for women from taxpayer money, and one gentleman wanted the video of the act warrants contraceptive measures, in return. Nice work! Keep it up!

    3. @charu - Asaram Bapu is not being "labeled" a rapist. He IS a rapist.
      Violence against women is a global problem - I never said it wasn't. And FYI, it's "Jack the ripper", not the stripper LOL. And you should also know that I don't live in Britain, so I'm not sure why you're mentioning things like Tudors or Jack the Ripper. And American serial killers - how should I know??? You know, not all 'Westerners' are British or American.

      If you don't want to hear what foreigners think about Indian issues - many of which we face ourselves for marrying into the culture - then don't read. I'm not going to only talk about festivals and Indian cooking like many of the other bloggers do. Sorry if that upsets you or offends you.

      P.S. You may want to travel outside of India. The Tudors were in the 16th century, and it sounds like you're watching a lot of TV.

    4. Hi Alexandra,
      I am outside India, in the US...I not only watch TV, I read too..the Tudors and serial killers were examples..and British and Americans are westerners, right? I did not mean anything personal, did I sound so anywhere? If so, I apologize. Well, for that Asaram Bapu matter, has he been convicted? I do not have any personal regard for him, I am not his disciple or a follower.. for that matter I do not know him anymore than he is a sadhu running an ashram..but I do see a pattern in the way the hindu religious leaders are maligned in the name of law, making it obvious that the aim is to make people hold their own faith and culture in low esteem.. A deliberate attack on the cultural values of a society by another that deems itself superior can have only an ulterior motive..that of subverting and subjugating the people. Native Americans are westerners too, geographically speaking..and where are they now?? Entire civilisations have been wiped out and the excuse..? well, they were uncivilized pagans...

      I am not condemning the western cultural values..I cannot because I do not know it completely..But when my culture is condemned to the extent that it is rendered obsolete and criminalized, I do feel that I have to defend it vehemently...


    5. @charu - please do know that I am not condemning Indian culture or Hindu values - but rather a single man who is a sexual predator, who is using the religion to his advantage, by luring young girls and putting crores in his pocket. How this man has behaved is deplorable and I despise people in position of authority who prey on others. He should be donating all of his money to resources for victims of sexual violence.
      There are tons of people who do this, all over the world, using religion to prey on others (just like all the child sex abuse in the Catholic church) and I despise such people.
      I'm not at all saying that India is inferior, but rather this rapist does not belong in India and he does not belong in the sacred religion of Hinduism. He belongs in a jail.
      India is my country too and such a man does not deserve to even walk on Indian soil, much less be worshipped as a "god" for his behaviour.

      What has happened to the Native Americans in North America is our biggest genocide, and our biggest crime.

  3. I definitely don't care about what foreigners think about Indian issues, but am concerned about any false propaganda maligning our culture/socirty as a whole for stray incidents that usually is blown out of proportion by media(btw, most media houses in India are run by people with political connections, so the political gain is a huge factor). I will condemn any such propaganda and if you disapprove of any contradiction to your views, I shall refrain from doing so.
    Btw, how come your marriage into this culture is affected by Indian issues? Are we supposed to abandon our culture to accommodate a few individuals that married into it? are we to change our culture to appease foreign tourists? Isn't it that "when you are in Rome, you do as the Romans do"?? Is India an exception to this rule?

    1. On my blog, I talk about things I love about India, and things I don't like. That is the case with any place - there will be things you like/don't like. That is what makes my story real and unfiltered. I don't write for others and never did.
      I don't regret marrying an Indian, in fact it is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It has been an amazing ride, this journey between two cultures. We have made a beautiful life for ourselves, and a beautiful life for our daughter too, who is lucky because she gets to experience the best of both cultures.
      Who is asking anybody to abandon your culture?
      If you have read my other posts, you must know that I certainly do jaisa des waisa bhes when I am in India and also encourage other foreigners to do so.
      That being said, there are certain things that I will never give up from my own upbringing, such as celebrating Christmas, or wishing for only daughters (when my MIL only wants me to have a boy), for example. Living abroad, you must understand this to some extent.
      And there have been many things about Indian culture that have enhanced my life, such as being more family oriented and a love for cooking, for example.
      Being in an intercultural marriage and family, it's all about combining. And our cultures have more in common than most would realize.

  4. I agree with you, this man is clearly abusing his power. Honestly, it's really sick that anybody would do this, I don't care what the man has done for religion. This is NOT the right way that Hinduism is supposed to go, that's for sure. I may not be Hindu but I know that this dirty pervert man isn't either, because nobody who truly and sincerely practices Hinduism would treat other people like that. I can't believe that excuses are being made for him. It's not about where somebody lives, what religion they are, etc. It's about how they behave and who they ACTUALLY are not who they say they are. And this man is not a god, nor a saint. Only someone filled with a lot of evil could pull off crap like this. Disgusting.

    1. I agree....I can't believe he has supporters, they are utterly blinded by his manipulation...I heard he used to be a chai wallah in north India before he became "a god" LMAO!


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