Saturday, September 14, 2013

The verdict

So, as many have heard this week - the four remaining accused from the Delhi gang rape were sentenced to death by hanging the other day. 

I have mixed feelings about it, to say the least. I definitely believe that "the punishment should fit the crime", but then I remember that "the juvenile" only got 3 years when he was the most brutal of attackers. So, he basically got a "get out of jail free card" without his face even being unmasked, just because he was a few years younger than what the law sees as an adult.

Yes, they are sentenced to death - and yes, this will send a strong message to future rapists who are trolling the streets for their victims. Hopefully they will think twice before committing such an act (hopefully...)

BUT...I just wonder...killing these guys won't solve the fact that "gang-raping" is clearly a new trend in India. Hanging these guys won't solve the reasons WHY they did it. Why a fruit-vendor, a gym attendant, a bus cleaner, an unemployed man - all got together on a bus and decided that they were going to brutalize a girl who they deemed "not respectable". Why did they do this? Is it because they hate women? Is it because they think women are inferior? Is it because when some groups of men get together they feed the feed to assert their masculine power (sexual violence) as to mimic some sadistic pissing contest? I feel like a team of psychologists needs to visit them and really get to the bottom of WHY they did this - that society can take the steps to fix certain mindsets, like male entitlement, for example...or whatever it is that made these men think that they can do this.

And how do we know that these men never committed any prior offenses? Considering the brutality of the crime, and the way they lured the girl with the bus, destroyed evidence by cleaning the bus (not to mention attempting to run the girl over) - I doubt it was a first-time gig for any of them. The Mumbai gang-rapists had victimised 10 women within the 6 months before the Shakti Mills attack, and none were reported until the photojournalist was brave enough to report it.

Two of the rapists were brothers which makes me wonder what kind of home they were raised in. What kind of behaviour did they see in their natal home or out in their society where they felt they could do something like this? Where is their conscience?

And then, the idiot defense lawyer said, "Why don't people first control their daughters? I'd burn my daughter alive if she was having premarital sex, roaming around with her boyfriend at night".

So, is that the reason why, then? Girls need to be "controlled" FIRST? Women should not step out of the house and be imprisoned like a household slave? Just because a girl goes to a movie with her friend, "she is having premarital sex" = "prostitute / dishonourable girl"? Just because she can't find an auto rickshaw, she is "roaming around at night"? Interesting how the girl is seen as guilty for walking outside (as if women are not allowed to go outside), yet NOTHING about the men who gang-raped her and ripped her intestines out. Nothing about "controlling" them, at all. Because, you know, men do not need to be controlled. It is all the evil woman's fault, right?

And that, I believe is the exact mentality of these rapists. And I believe it starts right in the natal home and witnessed behaviour in a society of inflated male entitlement.

A woman is a person. Forget calling her someone's mother / daughter / sister / friend / wife. She is an actual person who does not belong to anybody. That alone should be grounds for respect.


What are your thoughts, dear readers? How did you feel about the verdict? How do you think the ways society can change in their attitudes towards women?


  1. I subscribe to the theory that in cases like this, we should not give too much publicity to assailants. As this will make them some kind of demi-gods with in their cult of wannabe assailants. I do not understand why their names should be made publicly available when the victim's name is hushed. It is not like she did a mistake. According to that theory, I am happy that they are put to death so no one will get inspired from them.
    That said I see your point about getting a psychiatric evaluation. In India, psychiatry is not a popular practice (for a doctor). We still see visiting a psychiatrist as a taboo, at least the last I checked that is the situation. Therefore, I would not expect that happening unless some psychiatrist does it out of his/her own curiosity.
    I just think they are sick people who did what they did because the lack respect for a fellow human being. I would not give them any psychiatric diagnosis because that would give them something to hide under. If anything they have an anti-social personality disorder. It is almost like they are cannibals. Otherwise why would they pull the intestines?

    1. I don't really look at it that way, if anything I think publicizing it may deter future rapists from committing offenses - knowing that yes, they can get caught. Even after the incident, I read that more women were coming forward to report abuse/rapes - so that is good, at least, the victims are feeling confident to pursue justice.
      I don't think it is exactly glorifying the rapists as everyone (at least that I know) thinks they're disgusting monsters.
      I have also heard that psychiatry is more taboo in India - why is that?
      Who knows why they did is just senseless brutality...I can't believe the juvenile only got 3 years.

  2. I am an Indian-origin male (but not an Indian citizen).

    I have heard a lot of talk about this case is India but never heard anyone blaming the victim.
    The victims father revealed her name and said that his brave daughter did nothing wrong.
    Also, the entire media and people called her 'brave heart'
    and 'nirbhaya'(fearless) and 'damini'(lightning - based on a movie character of a fearless woman who goes against her brother-in-law and her loving husband to give justice to a maid).
    Clearly, the society does not agree with the lawyer.

    Lawyers make such provocative statements - some do it for publicity. It is obvious that he did not mean what he said. 'Burning his daughter alive' will give him
    death penalty and as a lawyer he should know that. His point was to use extreme provocative statements. He even said that the victim's male companion was at fault for not being able to protect and should be punished as well.
    He was blaming the male victim too.

    Yes, it does bother me that the youngest juvenile who was only a few months short of 18 was given a slap on the wrist. That is disgusting because he was the most brutal. And he will be roaming free in society and
    no one will know his reality.

    But I don't think this was a 'respect for woman' issue with these men. They also stripped her male companion naked and tried to run the bus over him. They also had beaten/robbed another man just before the incident.
    They were just evil criminals.

    It is known that they had just had a chicken and beer party. But they could not have been too drunk else they could have not have overpowered the couple ; especially her 200lb male friend.

    They seem to have some severe mental 'lack of empathy' issue , especially after the iron rod attack. Why would
    anyone do this to an unconscious woman? Even a rapist does not do such things usually.

    I also believe what the Bhagwat Gita says
    "There is no way to escape punishment for bad karma and
    there is no way to be denied fruits of good karma".
    [Note: Karma is not necessarily backwards. i.e. when bad things happen to someone it does not necessarily mean that he /she did something wrong]. In this case it was the bad karma of those men that destroyed her life.
    They will not escape punishment from God.

    The girl was a brave one and loved by her family. Now she is loved by all of us.
    I personally like to think that God is currently comforting her by holding her close.

    1. Yes, who really knows....maybe the lawyer did say it for publicity? Although what if he really thought like that? Scary...
      I'm glad that society is taking so strongly to this case - they have to - it is just too brutal to be ignored. I'm relieved at the new laws they created.
      The juvenile thing was an absolute joke and I'm honestly scared for anybody that comes across him. That is why I think they need to reveal his face, or either have some sort of sex offender registry.

      But if it wasn't a respect for woman issue, then why did they not also rape the male companion? Why did they not to do him what they did to her also? (Thank god they didn't though) That's why I do think in the back of my mind, that it somehow related to the lack of respect for women.
      Definitely agree of the lack of empathy.

      "The girl was a brave one and loved by her family. Now she is loved by all of us. I personally like to think that God is currently comforting her by holding her close." - I so so so agree. I think of that girl a lot. The case haunts me. I can't imagine what her family is going through, every day.


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