Friday, November 29, 2013

My first blog nomination/award!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S., and although we do not celebrate it, I made sure to wish my beloved American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Two of my friends had their children right before Thanksgiving - what a blessing! As many of my readers know, we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in early October. But still, I have many fond memories of spending American Thanksgiving in the U.S. with my friends and their families. For that reason, it has a special place in my heart! I hope all my lovely American readers had a great day with their families...

Today I received a nomination for my bloggy as "Versatile Blogger Award" from fellow blogger Shankhnaand. What a compliment! My goal for this blog has been to write anything and everything that touches our life - anything that I feel like writing about, I write. It has been great to see how it has organically grown...

This post is kinda chain letter-y, but since it's my first gold cup - I have to do it, no matter how kitschy it is! And I also wanted to show some love to my fellow *active* bloggers...

The rules for accepting this award are:

- Display the Award Certificate on your blog
- Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you
- Nominate 15 other bloggers
- Inform them of their nomination via comment in their blog
- Post 7 interesting things about yourself


7 Interesting things about myself:

1) My favorite childhood Halloween costume was my bunny costume! My mum made it and it was so comfortable that I refused to take it off until I grew out of it! (Maybe that's why I wanted to dress Maya as a bunny this year!)

2) The first CD I ever bought was "Spice Girls"....yeaaaa! Girl Power!!! (early feminist in the making?)

3) I am a tall girl (5'10) and whenever I see celebrities in person I'm always shocked at how freakin' short they are!

4) My first job in college was working at the library. I thought I'd love it because I'm a total book-lover, but it was seriously tedious!

5) My favorite TV shows right now are Scandal and Homeland.

6) I talk a lot about intercultural relationship topics on my blog, but I always forget that husband-ji is Indian. He's just "Maddy" to me...


Paying it forward - Nominating 15 of my other favorite *current* bloggers:

- Little Black Yellow Seeds (Nepali girl-American guy love story)

- Indian Male Feminist (refreshing point of view from an Indian male feminist)

- The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker (one of my all-time faves - talks about serious issues in Indian society)

- Rockstar Diaries (Stylish family of 4 in NYC)

- Documenting Delight (Aussie mum documents her 3 kids with gorgeous photo series)

- Indian Love Story (British girl moving to India soon to be with her husband)

- Indian Feminist 101 (Indian feminist issues)

- Expat Liv (Greek-Norwegian expat living in Mumbai)

- Delhi Diary (expat's daily life in Delhi)

- Chai: A cup of life (Aussie expat in Delhi)

- Braja Sorensen's Lost & Found (author/expat in Mayapur)

- Boiling Wok (excellent topics on many women-centric issues)

- American Punjaban PI (former expat now settled in the US)

- A Desi girl's guide to relationship survival (Indian relationships decoded)

- Cyn's Adventures in India (Swiss expat in Mumbai)


Plus, check out my whole list of other blogs I follow...



  1. Thanks Alexandra:-) First for me too - so I feel the same - and for fun right:-) Really enjoy following your blog!

    1. Any reason to celebrate and I'm down ;)

  2. Good luck Alexandra! I also enjoy following your blog!

  3. Thanks Alexandra! :D

    You owe us one more interesting thing about you though. :) Looking forward to it.

    We're co-writing our thank you post. We'll post it soon.

    Take care.

    K :)

    1. OMG I totally forgot the 7th one!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Alexandra. I am honored. Let me do a round up of the blogs I love and put it up :)


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