Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

(Our family on Halloween, before trick or treating)

Halloween is one of my favorite Western holidays. I love the creativity of it. I like seeing the neighbourhoods decorated up, the array of costumes, all the families out, and (of course) the candies!

One of the things I was obsessed with while in the hospital, was a Halloween costume for Maya. Little kids' costumes are just the cutest! Last year, we dressed her as a pink Elephant - and this year, I also wanted to dress her as an animal. I was looking at a peacock costume, and an owl costume - but ultimately we decided on a bunny rabbit. Maya has gapped teeth just like the bunny rabbit so we thought it was cute. I was also looking for a costume that would be warmer, since she is walking herself this year!

Since we moved to an apartment this year, we didn't have a house to decorate, which we really missed. We didn't miss out on the pumpkin carving though, since our good friends invited us over to their place to carve pumpkins a few weeks prior.

This year is my MIL's first Halloween. I always wanted her to come for this season, but the timing was never right. She liked to see us carving the pumpkins, as well as the horror movie marathons on TV, and loved to see all the houses decorated up, and all the kids outside.

(Stanley Park Ghost train ride - with nice hand-painted vintage-themed posters)

This year, we also went to the Stanley Park Ghost train - which is a miniature train ride. Every year they do a different theme - this year it was classic horror films - which was an ode to such movies like Frankenstein, etc. The last time we took Maya was at Christmas, and she was only 7 months then, so she ended up falling asleep on the train. This time, she was much more alert and looking around. I was concerned that she'd get scared of the monster figurines, but she didn't at all. She was just staring at everything, wondering what the heck we were doing!

(Family pic after the Ghost Train ride)

On Halloween evening, we went to my mother's house so they could see Maya in her costume, and we went trick-or-treating to our old neighbourhood, and we went to visit some friends at their place to trick or treat. Maya looked so cute in her bunny costume - I can't wait to see what she will be next year!

(Maya in her bunny costume on Halloween evening)

And Diwali is coming up next...


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