Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best Christmas gifts for toddlers

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an excellent shopper - and by that I mean I can instantly go into a store and find a perfect gift in minutes! So, I have put together a list of gifts for toddlers (age 12 months - 3 years) since Maya is currently in this stage.

Shopping for kids is so hard, so I hope this helps!

1. Personalized book of names & faces - Amazing. Just as toddlers are starting to talk - a great idea!
2. Haba Nesting Stacker - Use it as buckets or a stacking toy - Summer or Winter. My daughter loves piling things in these buckets and then emptying them out again. Great for sandboxes at the park too, or on vacation.
3. Corolle Baby Doll - These dolls are so soft and impeccably well-made!
4. Books, Books, books - you can never go wrong with books!
5. Canvas Toy storage bin - We have 3 and counting. More at Grandma's! Just throw everything in there!
6. Perlimpinpin Nap bags - Sooooo soft and luscious! A nap bag is a safe blanket for when they are sleeping. Perlimpinpin has the softest fabric and a great range of sizes.
7. Fruit basket - This is from Ikea and it is totally cheap! It is great for pretend-play.
8. Walrus bath storage - A little place to put all the baby shampoo, and baby bath toys. Brilliant!
9. Xylophone toy - My daughter discovered this at a friend's place and was obsessed! It actually kept her busy for half an hour!
10. Push toy - These are great for walkers.
11. TOMS shoes - the most comfortable & cutest patterns!
12. Blocks set - One of Maya's favorites from 11 months onwards - an early introduction to Lego.



  1. OMG Alexandra; the xylophone!!!! I think we all had one growing up. And like your daughter, it was something we all saw somewhere else and immediately wanted it. Kept us busy for hours too although my mother did not appreciate the constant banging. Good memories!!!

    Millie B

    1. the xylophone!!!!!! rocks :D I tune out the noise

  2. These are awesome...Mine is almost 5 and crazy about My Little Pony so Christmas is going to be like an MLP factory exploded around here...:-).


    1. OMG My little pony....I was obsessed too when I was little!

  3. Awe-- Alexandra - I love them:-) Ikea over there too hah? Happy shopping:-)


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