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Movies to watch with your Indian Mother-in-law

One of my biggest bonding experiences with my MIL is watching movies together. We love watching films of any genre, eating snacks, and then discussing the plot of the movie after it's over. When we first started watching Western films together, she was scared that she couldn't understand it or follow the plot. Luckily, she loved them - and now, she only request Western films! Luckily, my MIL loves any genre. Some movies I knew that she would like - others, I was quite surprised that she liked!

Here is our list:

How to make an American Quilt
A saga that covers generations of women.

Friends with Kids
My MIL liked this witty movie about two best friends who decide to have a baby, but skip marriage.

Little Women
My MIL thought this movie was "very Indian" in terms of the arranged marriages, the societal debuts, and she could relate a lot to the story of 4 sisters.

My MIL loves the symbolism in this movie, and the tales of the magics of spices. After it was over, we wanted to eat chocolate!

My MIL really liked this movie of family drama - the new girlfriend fights with the ex-wife in this saga.

Runaway Bride
A 7-times engaged woman is scared of marriage.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger
MIL loved this classic Woody Allen film with an Indian lead actress, and a funny astrologer.

To Rome With Love
My MIL's favorite scene in this movie was when the opera singer sings on stage in the shower - she laughed her ass off!

My MIL loves detective stories and she loved this classic who-dun-it.

Brokedown Palace
My MIL liked this story of two foreign girls trapped in a Thai jail. She cried at the ending when one girl sacrificed herself for the other.

The Nanny Diaries
My MIL could relate to this movie since there is so much domestic workers in India. She thought it was interesting to see how they have it in NYC.

Wedding Crashers
A hilarious movie about guys that crash weddings, with a romantic ending.

The Grudge
My MIL loved this scary movie set in Japan.

The Ring - 1 & 2
Scary & creepy ghost thriller.

The Conjuring
The most scariest movie, ever. My MIL & I held on for dear life & loved every minute of it. This was easily the scariest movie that I have seen in such a long time!!!

Life of Pi
This is one of my MIL's favorite movies. She loved the story and it was beautifully filmed.

The Namesake
A classic story of Indian immigrants - first and second generations.

Parental Guidance
My MIL could totally relate to this movie about grandparents who are old-school and not technologically savvy.

A young girl with extraordinary powers is hunted down by the government.

Dirty Dancing
My MIL loved this movie of a rich girl falling in love with a working-class guy, and learning to dance. She loved the dance scenes and the forbidden love aspect.

A gripping spy thriller.

Mona Lisa Smile
Being a teacher herself, my MIL loved this movie about a teacher at an all-girls college.

Horrible Bosses
My MIL laughed her ass off at this movie about workers plotting to kill their bosses. She said the bosses were just like Indian bosses! LOL

The Interpreter
My MIL liked this interesting cross-cultural murder mystery.

Save the Last Dance
My MIL really liked this movie about intercultural love and love of dance. She loved the hip-hop combined with ballet styles.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - trilogy
My MIL loved this trilogy - she thought it was so interesting. I was surprised that she liked it since certain parts were quite violent, but she totally loved it. Her favorite part was when Lisbeth Salander tattooed on the rapists' stomach!

The Hunger Games - 1 & 2
My MIL loved this series, and we watched the second one on opening weekend as a girls' night out!

The Descent - 1 & 2
My MIL loved this horror film of creatures in the caves - she thought it was very suspenseful and thrilling.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
She loved the fast pace of this film and the globe hopping.

Red Eye
Excellent airborne thriller.

The Descendants
MIL loved this drama about a Hawaiian family crisis.

The Eye
My MIL's favorite Western horror film - about a girl with eye implants who sees ghosts.

The First Wives Club
My MIL loved this movie about ex-wives who get back at their husbands. Her favorite part was when they were all trapped on the window washer!

The Skeleton Key
MIL loved this horror film on Southern black magic & voodoo.

MIL loved this thriller about a man buried alive. She was disappointed at the ending though!

Taken - 1 & 2
My MIL loved this series about human trafficking, and totally fell in love with Liam Neeson!

A thrilling movie about a spy with amnesia.

My MIL loved this creepy horror film about a motel.

The Next Three Days
A husband breaks his wife out of prison.

A classic.

Vantage Point
Decoding a terrorist attack from different view points.

A Perfect Murder
A classic mystery of a husband who plots to kill his unfaithful wife.

A classic thriller about art heists.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
This movie is sooooo Indian!

Because I said so
A lovely mother/daughter movie.

13 Going on 30
A thirteen year old girl wishes that she was thirty - and it comes true for a week!

MIL loved this tale of revenge on an abusive ex-husband.

MIL loved this interesting edition to 007.

Casino Royale
007 and a high stakes poker game.

Double Jeopardy
A crime thriller with tons of twist and turns!

My MIL got addicted to this TV series and watched it all within a few weeks!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
MIL has seen every single episode - she loves the way the detectives solve the crimes!


See the full list on my Pinterest.


Dear readers, what are your MIL's favorite movies? Any that we should add to the list?



  1. I watched quite a few of these movies :) You MIL has good tastes. And I am impressed by her versatile tastes in Western movies too.

    And they have Clue movie??? Now that I have to watch.

    1. OMG you have to see Clue - it was my favorite & have seen it 100x!
      I was surprised at her tastes in movies too, particularly her love for the dragon tattoo trilogy and the woody allen films. I think she has an alternative streak ;) She preferred the Swedish dragon tattoo because she said Naoomi Rapace was "more attractive" LOL!

  2. Have u seen any Hindi/tamil/telegu films with her. If she is a telegu, she must be very fond of Late N.T. Rama Rao's movies, going by her age. Have you seen any movies of Tamil superstar Raajnikath. The south indians are known to worship their movies stars like gods. Temples are build for them. Their craze for movies stars borders on insanity. People were seen pouring milk on huge cutouts of Raajinakanth, just like milk is poured over Shivlinga in temples during pooja. Many southern movie stars have actually used their popularity to make a political career. Whereas, not many bollywood stars have made it good in politics.

    You won't mind, if I ask a question? how is your hindi. Since your inlaws are tamil, I guess you exposure to hindi is limited, though you mentioned watching hindi serials like CID and Jalak Dikla Ja while in India. Have you seen any recent bollywood movies like "3 Idiots", "Kahani", "Tare Zami Pe", "Debbang" etc.

    1. I have seen Kahaani and absolutely loved it! I really liked the mystery. I like Vidya Balan a lot, I think she is a good actress. I saw No One Killed Jessica, and also Dirty Picture. But Kahaani is my favorite. I am also a fan of the Dhoom series.
      My Hindi is okay, I can understand it better than Tamil for sure! I don't really like Rajinikanth, I think he is cheesy.
      I'm planning to catch up on my Bollywood films after the new year. I'd like to see Talaash, English Vinglish, and Chennai Express.
      Do you have any recommendations for other films I should watch?

    2. (New Movies)

      1. Three Idiots because it is refreshing take on the Indian education system.

      2. Barfi for the excellent acting of Ranbir Kapoor

      3. Tara Zameen Pee for the way it portrayed dyslexia in children.

      4. Dabang and Daband 2, if you are fan of Salman Khan.

      (Old movies)

      But I would suggest movies like Sholay, Deewar, Trishul, Naseeb, Kala Pathar (Amitabh Bachan movies)

      Sholay is being released again in 3D in India on 3rd Jan, 2013, a good 38 years after it was first released. It is the most successful movies of all times, a cult classic. It was the first movie whose dialogues became so famous that cassettes were sold of them. It ran for several years in many theaters creating a record.

      Anand, Safar, Aradhana (Rajesh Khanna movies)

      The Jewel Thief, Guide (Dev Anand Movies)

      Mugle-a-azam for its sheer grandeur and beauty of Madhu Bala.

      Comedy movies like Golmaal (the old movie not the new one there is disgusting new movie with the same name), Chupke Chupke, Rajnigandha etc. (all quintessential common man movies made in 1970s, excellent music and comedy).

      All these movies were made between 1970s to 1980s, new movies you can always catch up but these movies would expose you a very different kind of bollywood which you have never experienced before. Quiet a lot of movies I guess. I am fond of each one of them.

    3. @anonymous - thanks so much! I will check them out soon - great list. Have heard of a lot of them but haven't seen it yet.
      Happy New Year to yourself & your family :)

  3. Nice movie selection. When my MIL comes back to visit I am going to make sure that I have Sabrina (the one with Harrison Ford), The Color Purple, Under the Tuscan Sun and Guess Who's Coming to dinner with Sidney Poitier.


    1. Yes!!!!!!! Those are great selections! I will add it to my list! :)

  4. Alexandra, Am putting this here as I don't know where else to post it.

    1. Hahahahahaaha!!!!!! Loved the sarcasm in the video, it was hilarious!


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