Monday, December 23, 2013

Pre-Christmas MADH-ness & my Telugu Mother-in-law meets Santa Claus!

I can't believe Christmas is already here! I may not be posting as much this week, because I'm really trying to enjoy the festival, and also my last week that MIL is here. We are both starting to get really sad that she's leaving soon :(

My FIL also arrived, but missed the snowfall. Since FIL is now here, MIL has been preparing a traditional South Indian rasam/sambar/vegetable curry at every meal....YUM!

(Coffee cake...recipe coming soon!)

In the past couple weeks - it's been Christmas on steroids! We decorated the house, I mailed our 100 Christmas cards, and actually got back in the kitchen to do some baking! (I literally did not step foot in the kitchen since I made Kheer on Diwali....I know, I know... such a bad bahu I am!) I wanted to try a new recipe, so I decided to make a coffee cake - and it turned out fantastic! Not bad for a first try! Both MIL and FIL loved it - and they usually don't like cakes because of the egg smell - but my coffee cake had sour cream in it so it disguised the egg flavour. Of course picky husband-ji refused to touch it...but oh well, more for us to eat!

Another one of my annual traditions is taking Maya to see Santa. This time my MIL was here so it was a perfect holiday experience (this year, MIL has experienced the Christmas season in full bloom!) Last year, Maya was only 7 months. This year, Maya was more aware of strangers, so I was a bit nervous. When we were in the line-up, she was waving at Santa and pointing to the other babies. Then, as soon as we sat her on Santa's lap, she just screamed and cried - so much so that Santa got nervous! I asked MIL to sit with Santa and hold Maya, and she stopped crying for about 2 seconds - enough to take a picture, thank god! It turned out perfectly, and so nice to have a picture with MIL this year. Of course MIL kept nitpicking the picture and saying one of her legs was not straight, but I didn't even notice. I love taking the Santa pictures because they are keepsakes. Looking at the Santa picture - I can't believe how much she grew since last year. It is truly astounding...and it makes me appreciate every little moment, since this parenthood journey is going by so fast!

MIL also had her first snowfall, which brought back memories of husband-ji's first one in 2008. Watching them see snow for the first time - the wonder - makes you notice all the little things in life. MIL has mostly been staying indoors because it is much too cold for her. Now when we do go out, she is finally wearing a proper coat. She refused to wear one for the longest time, because she claimed that "coats only look good on foreigners, the don't look good on Indians". To which, I replied, "what difference does it make? We're all fat!!!" (LOL!) She only wore a flimsy white cardigan for the longest time, until I gave her a nice maroon cashmere sweater. I thought, if she is refusing to wear a coat - then at least she has to wear cashmere! But I knew she would eventually give in and wear the coat I gave her when it got cold enough! The funny thing is identical to mine, so we really do look like the Bobsey twins!

With MIL & FIL here, we finally finished Maya's room (9 months after our move!) by putting up her shelves and curtain. Now with a pink curtain, it really looks like a little girl's room!

(Maya's curtains from Anthropologie)

I also found my dad's childhood books that I had kept from my grandma's collection, and I found 4 lovely books on Christmas. I'm so glad I saved them - the books are from 1950!

In the upcoming week, we will have all our family dinners; I'm planning to do more baking; and MIL has finally agreed to teach me how to make Sambar and idly, since those are Maya's favorite foods. We'll also try to sneak out on another date night; and probably do a few touristy things since FIL is here.

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I hope you have a lovely week with your families!

Madh Mama


  1. I always enjoy reading that small story which you convey thru your post....

    1. thank you :) glad to know you are enjoying

  2. Hmm..Here it is.. I addicted to your blog :) It's nice to see the life from others perspective.

  3. Hope you and your fammily had a wonderful Christmas ! That coffee cake looks really good, can't wait to read the recipe ! xoxox (Padparadscha)

    1. yes! it was sooooooo good - South Indian stamp of approval :)
      I'll be making it once more this week before they go and then I may do a recipe post. Merry Xmas to you & your family!!!!!!! xoxo


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