Thursday, January 23, 2014

Venice for (vegetarian) foodies!

My parents just got back from their favorite place on Earth - Venice - and we are planning another trip, yet again! Hopefully we will be able to return some time this year with Maya.

Until then, I will be dreaming about the delicious food...


Caprese Salad - at Osteria Al Pesador

Insalata Verde - at Algiubalgio

Fried Vegetables - at Beccafico

Ricotta-stuffed grilled vegetables - at Ca Sagredo Hotel

Main Courses

Spaghetti Pomodoro with mozzarella - at Algiubalgio

Conchiglie Pomodoro with a dollop of Burrata cheese - at Ca Sagredo Hotel

Red Pesto Spaghetti - at Beccafico

Thin crust pizza - at Beccafico

Parmesan souffle with peas puree - at Hotel Monaco

Vegetable risotto with peas and zucchini - at Hotel Monaco

Eggplant Parmigiana - at Hotel Monaco

Vegetable ravioli - at Caffe Vergnano Venezia Rialto

Falafel & hummus - at Luna Sentada

Balinese Vegetable Curry - at Luna Sentada


Ricotta & pistachio gelato - at Grom

Tiramisu & Chocolate gelato - near Algiubalgio

Chocolate & Hazelnut; Ricotta & Dark Chocolate - at Grom

Sweet Tartes - near Campo Santi Apostoli

Dark Chocolate gelato - near Campo San Luca

Venetian doughnuts - at Q Food 

Wild Strawberry Cake - at Pasticceria Ballerin

Cocoa Gelato with chopped strawberries and pistachios - at Luna Sentada

Tiramisu in jars - at Luna Sentada



  1. Aaaaaaaa! What are you doing to us...?! This looks sooooo yummy!!! And the Italian Gelato... I remember that one... So good! Great pics- veeeery tempting:-) Have a great weekend dear Alexandra!

    1. OMG that gelato.....we had twice a day! Couldn't resist!
      Have a good weekend too Eli!

  2. Yum!!!! I will take one of each thank you. Venice what a great place, happy you are planning another trip. Love your blog, have a wonderful weekend with your great family Alex.


    1. Thank you, Missy! And thanks for reading & nice to meet you!
      These pics are making my tummy growl as we speak :)
      My hubby thought he was just going to be eating pizza for 2 weeks, but he was pleasantly surprised at the options!
      Have a good weekend, dear.

  3. Replies
    1. Can't wait to go back and just EAT Venice :D

  4. Suddenly hungry! :\ Everything looks amazing..and they're all vegetarian! :D


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