Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Girls-only trip to Hawaii!

Well dear readers, please excuse my absence...but I have just returned back from a mini-vacay in paradise! (Otherwise known as Hawaii!)

(Me & Maya)

We planned this Hawaii trip last-minute to celebrate my dad's great diagnosis - we were planning on going all together - but then my dad still didn't feel well enough to fly (sitting in an uncomfortable airplane seat for hours) so he decided to stay back, and husband-ji also decided to stay back to keep an eye on him (best husband ever!) My mum and I still wanted to go to take a vacation from the whirlwind that was the last 6 we made it into a girls-only trip and it was so much fun! Although I wish they would have come with us, sometimes it's nice just to have time with the girls (a.k.a. a more relaxing time from these diva guys!!!)

We flew direct from Vancouver on WestJet to "The Big Island" of Hawaii - into Kona. My mum's friend has an apartment about 1 hour north of Kona, in Puako, so we stayed there.

The flight was 5.5 hours and I was a bit nervous because this is Maya's only second time flying after the disaster flight to Italy last year. One year later, and our gal has absolutely matured and sat nicely and quietly in her own seat, eating crackers and cookies, watching "Dora the Explorer" cartoon. Thank god for Dora!!! On the flight back, it was an overnight flight and she slept the whole time. 

It was so much easier to travel with her at this age (22 months) than it was when she was 11 months. She could watch her cartoons for hours, sit in her seat nicely, use the "big girl" toilet, and she eats what we eat.

(Swimming with Granny)

We arrived in Hawaii and it was hot and humid - just the way I like it! We spent every day at the pool where I sunbathed, and Maya splashed in the water with her bucket and pail. She loved to run around on the grass in the big open fields, and chase the birds, and collect mini coconuts and leaves for her basket.

(My wacky gal!)

The only dilemma was that she was deathly scared of sand. She just hated it! She did not want it touching her feet and screamed and cried like it was too dirty or something. What a little princess, eh? 

Although we were staying at a nice apartment, we made sure to check out the fancy hotels which were closeby (a.k.a. crashing the hotels!) We checked out The Fairmont Orchid, the Mauna Lani Bay, the Mauna Kea, and the Hilton Waikoloa

(Mauna Kea view)

The best food and the best beach was definitely at the Fairmont Orchid. The Hilton Waikoloa had water slides and lots of activities that would be great for kids over 5 years old. The best for babies and toddlers was the Mauna Kea hotel, which had huge grassy areas, a nice beach, and a lovely pool.

(Just waltzing around in her yellow polka dot bikini!)

(Staring at the flowers)

Maya did not get any jet-lag but her sleeping rhythms changed due to the difference in sunrise and sunset. So she woke up at dawn (6am) and went to bed at dusk (7pm).

(Cuddling after a day at the pool)

(All dressed up for Easter with Granny)

My favorite part of the trip - other than spending time with my mum - was seeing the sunset every night. Every evening, we had dinner on the patio and watched the sun go down - and the sky was filled with so many tropical colors like pink, oranges and blues. It was just mesmerizing!

Hopefully we can return for another quick trip before the end of the year, with the guys!


Dear readers, have you ever been to Hawaii? What part? Do you like to take tropical vacations with kids?



  1. Ohhhhh what a nice vacation! Ishita collects these mini coconuts all the time here, I have to be careful to collect them in her room before they rot away too LOL.
    The 6am - 7pm is pretty much the routine she has too, living in an area where the sun sets and rise more or less at the same time year round.

    1. Those mini-coconuts were like bite size for the kiddos! They were so cute!
      The Hawaii islands are on the Tropic of Cancer latitude, same as Mumbai!
      Here the sun rises at 6am and it gets dark very late at 9pm. Sometimes in the middle of the summer it stays bright until 10pm, my inlaws were shocked by this.

  2. Alex,

    What a great mini vacay with just the girls! Love it, you needed that and such a great place to vacation. I was there in 2000 on a 9 day cruise. You have to take your Dad and Husband-Ji there, they would love that. Maya did SO VERY WELL on the trip. Gosh, she is really growing up fast. She had fun picking up leaves and coconuts and I thought her little bathing suits were so cute. GREAT fun in the sun with Mom and Daughter, so glad you went. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Melissa! We really needed the trip just to take a break and relax, it wasn't until we got there when I realised how much we NEEDED it. It was so great. I am hoping to take hubby and baby back in November maybe.
      Maya was all-grown up, I almost cried! She was such a big girl on the trip!

  3. Beautiful snaps! Hawaii is so kids friendly. :)

    1. Thanks Renuka! So kid-friendly, kids everywhere! It was great! Kids paradise!

  4. Oh wow, I'm soo jealous! Hawaii is my dream destination..beautiful pics, Maya is growing up so fast :-)

    1. It was such a great trip and so kid-friendly there! We are lucky it is relatively close by! ;)

  5. It looks like you had a vacation to always cherish! Creating memories like this with 3 generations is a very special thing, and you document all of your memories with such beautiful pics! Maya is absolutely precious!

    1. Awwwww thanks Sheryl! This time I took 1500 pics! I was so glad I did! Sometimes I just get caught into taking pictures with my phone, but this time I took my proper camera!

  6. Gorgeous Girls!!! Is nice for us girls to go away from time to time. Glad you guys had a wonderful vacay :)

    Millie B

    1. Totally! It was SO relaxing! We were all just on the same rhythm, it would have been a totally different dynamic if the guys had came!

    2. @Alexandra

      I sometimes feel like pulling both the cheeks of Maya. She is so adorable.

    3. @anonymous - Maya loves pulling other people's cheeks, she would probably be doing that to you! Hahaha!


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