Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The actress comes for Sunday dinner

(Sunday family dinner - tablecloth from India)

This past Sunday, we had our first dinner party since my dad fell sick, and is now on the road to recovery. We invited over one of his close friends who helped him while he was sick by giving him so much support and encouragement - and she just happens to be an Academy award winning actress. She was filming in our city this week so my dad wanted to invite her over as a way of saying thanks for her support to him.

I never got a chance to meet her before, but everyone else had. I really didn't know what to expect, as I was welcoming her into my childhood home, the house I grew up in - somebody who I had watched in movies since I was little. It was a surreal experience to say the least!

That being said, she is not the first celebrity that I have ever met. Sometimes celebrities are strange creatures and sometimes they are totally normal people. So I wasn't sure who was coming over for dinner...

In through the door she walked - or glided, shall we say - and she looked just as she did on screen, only prettier. I was taken aback by her beauty. Her beauty was nontraditional, but charismatic. She just had an air about her that was magnificent. She was definitely an actress!

(I looked like crap in baggy sweatpants, having just come back from my daily 1 hour work-out walk with baby in the stroller!)

Husband-ji cooked an Indian feast like a professional chef - he made fresh mango lassi's with mint sprigs, mixed vegetable pakora, his famous vegetable biriyani, chana masala, and a shredded carrot salad (Kosambari). She was really impressed by his cooking and drank two mango lassi's even before dinner.

She also brought her little dog who got along great with Ziggy. They were fighting over their little dog cookies.

She spoke to husband-ji about religion and spirituality, and about India. When you were talking to her you could tell she was one of those quietly intelligent people. You could tell she had many interests and wanted to learn and absorb her surroundings. I found her to be a very inspiring person. During dinner she said that she was so happy to be having a nice home-cooked meal because she was eating bad take-out food alone all week. It made me really happy and proud to welcome her into our home as a part of our family. She's a part of the family now!

I was really surprised at how down-to-Earth she was. She wanted to help in the kitchen, but we said no (of course - atithi devo bhava!) but then she came into the kitchen and wanted to arrange the flowers she bought for us. And there she Academy Award winning actress arranging flowers on our kitchen counter! She arranged them so well, I would have thought her to be a florist.

(Flowers she arranged)

She played with my daughter, and she said she had a picture of Maya on her fridge at home - a picture card my dad had sent was definitely a surreal experience, to say the least!

(Picture of Maya in Venice she has on her fridge)

I didn't want to tell her how much I loved her movies, or how stunning she was, or ask her too many questions. I had so many questions for her, like "Is Hollywood really sexist?", "What's your favorite part of being an actress?", "Do people recognize you in strange places?", "Who's the best and worst person you've ever worked with?", "What's your favorite film you've made?" many curiosities, but I just couldn't find the courage to ask her.

And I'm glad I didn't... Because then, I just enjoyed her company...

But I do wish I would've told her my favorite movie of hers was "How To Make an American Quilt"...

(Flowers she put near our entryway)


What about you, dear readers? Have you ever met any celebrities in person and were surprised by their personalities?



  1. I have met some celebrities but never had a one-on-one time with them. Celebrities are people like us right? I think I prefer being away from celebrities though ha ha

    1. This was my first time being one-on-one for a long period of time...I felt like I was in the movies!

  2. The suspense is killing me. Maybe you could drop us a hint?

    1. Hmmmm, she is absolutely stunning!

  3. Ellen Burstyn.
    Only Actress in the movie to have won an Oscar.
    A few of the others have been nominated, but never won.

    1. Very intelligent guess, you smarty pants! ;)

  4. I met Aditi Rao Hydari at the airport but nothing like dining in own home! Did you meet Winona Ryder!? If so, I'm very impressed!

    1. Dining in our home, at my childhood home, across from me on the was surreal! Hope there wasn't food in my teeth! LOL

  5. Wow Winona Ryder? She is one of the actresses I admire the most!

  6. My guess is Ellen Burstyn. In location - Vancouver, BC , filming for movie - The Age of Adaline.

    My gut reaction was Winona as well. But as per IMDB, she has won a number of awards, but never an Oscar.

  7. OMG what an awesome experience. I am still guessing. Hope you will revel the name soon :)

  8. What is that statue? is that related to Buddhism or Jainism?


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