Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mother's Day of perfection

This year was the second time I got to celebrate Mother's Day, and it turned out to be the most perfect day!

I started the day by going to my weekly Sunday yoga class - only this time, I brought my mum with me! The class is taught by an Indian lady (somehow it almost makes it more authentic that way! Hahaha) and at the end of the class, she does a little speech of enlightenment. I like to call yoga church sermon! 

I am so happy that I've started to do yoga again. I have been trying to go for ages, but it is so important to find a good teacher - it really makes all the difference. After I leave the class, I feel refreshed, grateful and calm - like it started the week off on a good foot.

After the class was over, we went back to my mum's place and husband-ji and Maya were already there. She made us a nice brunch of pancakes. YUM! Somehow a mother's pancakes just taste the best!

(Mum's Sunday pancakes)

It was a beautiful day outside, so we decided to take Maya swimming (because it's her favorite thing to do) It was so much fun seeing her splash around in the water. Our doggie Ziggy joined in on the fun by chasing her around the pool.

(Maya getting ready to swim!)

In the afternoon, we walked to my favorite neighborhood ice cream shop - because what the heck, it's Mother's Day, right?

(My favorite flavor - "Brown Butter Snickerdoodle")

In the evening, I took my mother to a Moroccan Hamaam - which is like a spa with a steam bath. First you start off in a private steam room filled with white marble, then you get scrubbed down, then you have a massage, and then you sit on a large Moroccan-style bed and have Mint tea and Baklava sweets. Needless to say, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'd like to take my MIL when she comes for her next visit, but she is a little uncomfortable with nudity, though.

(Hamaam spa)

And after all that, I came home to a nice home-cooked meal by darling husband-ji! He also got me a sweet little gift of bath products that Maya & I are enjoying for our evening bath.

(Husband-ji's present - bath stuff I always love!)

The whole day was so special and I hope I can do the exact same thing next year. I'm hoping my MIL will come and stay with us next Spring so we can celebrate it all together.

I had such a good day that after it was all over, I thought, I should do this every month! Why wait for Mother's Day?


Dear readers, how did you celebrate Mother's Day?


  1. @Alexandra

    I have come to know that in America, among orthodox Christians, yoga is considered to be a Hindu practice and against their religion. Come to think of it, when yoga came into existence few thousand years ago, the term Hindu was unheard of. Neither the vedas, nor any of our scriptures have the word "Hindu" in it. In ancient times, the river Sindhu formed the western boundary of India. When muslims arrived they mispronounced "Sindu" as "Hindu" and called the people living on the other side as Hindus and the land as "Hindustan". The name of our religion as well as the country is given by outsiders.

    1. Hahaha, there are some orthodox Christians who are against everything LOL. Some do not dance, some only wear black. These are very devout branches like LDS and Jehovah's Witness, who think everybody needs to be "saved" when really everyone is avoiding their crazy asses! In Utah also, there is huge polygamy branches of Christianity.
      I have also heard from other Christian firangi bahu's who are more devout, and some find it hard with Hinduism and worshipping many different gods, because they believe you are only supposed to worship one.
      Now people are so crazy in the West about yoga, it is the new craze in fitness. But many have butchered it and go to such classes as MMA yoga (mixed martial arts!!!! LOL) and yoga-lates (yoga and pilates). It has become the new craze in the West and I detest it. The problem is that anybody can obtain a yoga certificate and start teaching. So that is why I have struggled to really find a proper teacher. Thank god now I have found one!

    2. @Alexandra

      We Indians always thought that religion was not a big issue with westerners since they are so free (sometimes too free for our comfort).We associate relgion with certain lifestyle and the westerners often don't fit that description. But I was amazed to realize after reading some blogs that certain firangi bahus did have problems with hinduism due to their christian upbringing. I have also come to understand that vast areas of America and Europe are very orthodox christians just like hindus and muslims. For eg, Sweden or Norway which as an anti abortion law which resulted in the death of an Indian women. She needed an emergency abortion but was denied due to religious laws. They have now changed that law after lot of controvery. Just imagine an european country having such outdated laws.

      There are lot christian preachers in USA just like our holy men but in suits and trousers saying the same thing. It also comes as surprise that religion does play an important role in the west.

    3. @anonymous - it is so interesting, some of the Christians are so extremely devout. Others are Christian but more free. It depends on the family. But I have met many that are extremely devout and are obsessed with purity. Now there are lots of reality shows about devout Christians here but it has not really made it into Hollywood yet.
      The Christian preachers are on TV every Sunday, they are so boring but they have a huge following. In Canada it is not so much, but in the USA I feel there are more devout Christians in these sects.

  2. Alex,

    What a great Mothers Day you had! I have to admit pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream are the 2 most favorite things I love to eat too! The Yoga class you took in the morning must have been relaxing. I have to try that sometime, just afraid I won't be able to stretch like I should.

    Maya looks like she had fun with Ziggy! Husband-ji was sweet to give you lovely bath oils and fragrance. Glad you had a wonderful day.

    All of you have a bless week.


    1. Awww thanks Melissa! It really was the best day!
      My back is totally messed up and also I could use the meditation, that is why I go. I have noticed a huge improvement after the 3rd class only and I am able to do many of the poses that I could not do only 2 classes earlier. I feel it has really strengthened my spine.
      We are almost finished with our bubble bath! Me and Maya have been using it every night! Hubby will have to get some more ;)


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