Friday, May 2, 2014

Best husband ever...

The best husband ever award goes husband-ji!

As you all know, I went away for a girls' getaway trip to tropical Hawaii last week and left husband-ji with my dad for 8 days. Shameless, I know...

I must admit, I was sort of wondering what he was doing the whole time. I knew he was at work - but I mean - in his "free time" without me and the baby. I knew he was probably getting lots of sleep and watching tons of Food Network competitions on TV, without disturbance.

I did give him a tiny suggestion before I left. I said, "IF you have time, and if you feel like it...why don't you organize the spice jars in the kitchen? And why don't you also organize your shoes and stack them in boxes in the closet neatly?" We hardly have time with the baby - and when she's asleep, we are like mice tip-toeing around the house. So I thought it would be a good thing for him to do while we were out of town.

When I spoke to him on the phone from Hawaii, I was not sure that he was doing it. He seemed to be watching a lot of Food Network, so I didn't pressure him about it. Oh well, I thought. I guess I can do it when I get back, if I can get my mum to babysit one afternoon. I'm not going to nag him about it.

Another thing that has been weighing heavily on my psyche is the state of our third bedroom - was basically a pile of shit. Er, I mean, boxes. We moved last March and just stuffed all these boxes into the third bedroom and just used it as a storage space. I had been meaning to wade through it - but didn't have time with the baby. Every time I looked at that storage room - it stressed me out. It just felt so heavy to have all this crap. I felt like a hoarder, but couldn't bring myself to even begin doing anything with it.

Lo and behold, I come back home....and husband-ji has cleaned out the third bedroom and made it into a home office - ALL FOR ME!

I literally cried. I was so happy to have the room cleaned out and functional - he even set up my exercise machine in the corner because he knows I'm working on my fitness daily!

It was my grandpa's desk and lamps, all nicely set up. With my grandmother's chair from university. In the corner, there was a bookshelf full of my photo albums and art books. In another corner, there was my great-grandmother's glass cabinet, with my Ganesh idols set up neatly. It looked so beautiful - and so me. Totally my style.

(A sneak peak of my new home office)

I said, "OMFG MADDY!!!!! Why didn't you tell me you were doing this? Why did you do this?"

"I wanted you to have a nice place to write your blog," he said. 

Holy shit...I sure married the right man! I thought.

Seriously, it's not like I make tons of money from my blog - but it is my passion. And not too many guys would want all their and their families' personal business aired daily on the world wide web, and not to mention so many husbands don't want their wives doing anything outside their family.

And that wasn't the only thing....he also organized the entire kitchen, pantry, AND bedroom. AND he looked after my dad too...

What a dream husband!

Now his birthday is coming up soon and I have no idea what to do! Any ideas, dear readers? I can't disappoint!



  1. SOOOO sweet! <3 I love how thoughtful he was about it, too! Even put pictures and added a touch of YOU in the room. I would have cried and cried! I would suggest something just as personal! Is there anything he's been mentioning lately that he wants? Maybe some place he'd like to go or visit? Girl I don't even know, that's gonna be hard to top! Hahaha! Best of luck, and I hope you're enjoying your new home office! XO

    1. It is gonna be so hard to top! I was like "Damn, why does he gotta do all this right before his birthday?" The pressure is on!
      For his birthday, I think I'm gonna rely on the old saying...the way to a man's heart is through is stomach... ;)

  2. Great to hear that you are awarding your husband the award of The Best Husband Ever, but don't you think every women will award her husband only for this prize :)

    1. Maybe, maybe not...only if they do good behavior like this! :D

  3. Alex,

    Wow, what a great hubby you have! He did a beautiful job with your office, love the pictures and personal touches for your desk. Such a great gift to have done. Husband-ji is so sweet and he really is the best husband!


    1. Thanks Melissa, I am grateful to have him! I love it when he does sentimental stuff...SWOON!

  4. Replies
    1. It will involve FOOD :) to please the chef!!!

  5. He's such a sweet & lovely husband..! I think you're a sweet and lovely wife too that's why you guys are made for each other :D

  6. "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach..."
    this doesn't live up to the indian standards.
    how many students writes medical exams more than a million.
    how many students writes engineering exams more than a million.
    how many students writes IAS exams more than a million.
    On average, how many people are on the go in a train every day in India? 23 million almost entire population of austailia.
    so according to indian it should be
    "way to indian mens heart is through the stomach of the entire family".... ;)


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