Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now featured on "Southern Life, Indian Wife"

I recently did a guest post on one of my favorite bloggers sites - Sheryl of "Southern Life, Indian Wife". She is an amazing inspiration to all of us intercultural couples, having been married for 25 years and having 5 children. She also lives in Georgia - so we have that special Georgian connection!

In my guest post, I talk more about our love story and about our time in Savannah, GA - and what it was really like for two intercultural students to find love in the Deep South.

Click HERE to read it!


  1. Just read your guest post on Sheryl's blog. Like you, I am in a whindian relationship with my husband being the 'wh' part. We get stared at a lot by the Indians where we live. Some part of it is trying to figure out whether I am Indian or not and another part is trying to figure our combination out because the whindian combination is not very common at all. Thank goodness for the Internet and oh, most important thing, beautiful story and well written!


    1. Thanks Raina! We are in the same boat! Thank god for the internet so we can all connect. Sometimes it is so isolating.


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