Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to the strong women who raised us...



  1. Wow, you look so much like your Mum! She's beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Alexandra.

  2. @Alexandra

    The second photo reminds me of my mother and me in childhood. The sari, 1960s style dining table and the flooring, typically 1960-1980s Indian middle class family. In fact, we have a photo my mother holding my sister wearing exactly the same kind of sari. I too had a checked shirt like your husband. He looked just like me.

    The first photo is that of you mother is it?? she has a very 1940s British hair style

    1. The first photo is of my grandmother holding my dad. That was 1947 in Vancouver.
      The second one is my favorite photo of my hubby and MIL. It is such a great picture. His hair was long because they were going to Tirupathi to shave it off. They have so few photos of just the two of them together, they only have big group I love that picture and really cherish it.

  3. Just a question, will you be teaching Maya any Indian languages?

    1. Hopefully! I'd like to teach her Tamil, Telugu and Hindi....ideally. But my hubby feels that he doesn't know how to teach her, so he is waiting for my MIL to come and teach her, since she is a teacher by profession. I'd like Maya to be able to know at least a few Indian languages so that there is an option of having a future in India too.

  4. Alex,

    Let me see if I can identify all these wonderful people in these photos.

    Top picture #1 Baby Alexandra and her beautiful Mom.
    Picture #2 Baby Madhavan and Mom, Sandhya.
    Picture #3 Alexandra (little Older) and I think your sweet Mom or your Aunty.
    Picture #4 Sandhya, on the (left) and Madhavan, (little Older) sitting on Lion.
    Picture#5. left to right, Alexandra's Mom, middle- Alex's Aunt and Alexandra on right .
    Picture #6. left to right, Sandhya, Alex's Aunt, Alexandra, your Mom and then your Grandmother.
    Picture #7. Sandhya on Left and your Mom next to her at your wedding.
    Picture #8. Sandhya and Alex.
    Picture #9. Grandma (Your Mom) and Baby Maya.
    Picture #10. Grandma (Sandhya) and Grandchild, Maya.

    To all these great Mother's, Happy Mother's Day.


    1. #1 is my grandmother and my dad,
      #4 sandhya is hiding behind her sister, she is in the green saree
      But you are mostly correct! :)


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