Sunday, June 15, 2014

Glimpses of Fatherhood

One of the most beautiful things to watch - when sharing your life with somebody, and growing old together - is watching your spouse become a parent.

Husband-ji wasn't the one carrying the baby or birthing her, but he was there with me every step of the way. In a sense, it is more scary for a man, since they are essentially handed the baby at birth, with no clue as to what to do.

When Maya first came out, husband-ji was right beside me, and immediately he said "AWWWW" and we both started crying, as this little being both looked at us intently. He cut her umbilical cord, he inspected the placenta, he bottle-fed her late nights, he ran out to the drugstore to get more diapers/formula/wipes. He came home at a moment's notice if anything was wrong, even flying cross-country from a business trip.

He has been a faithful co-pilot to me in this parenting game, often times being a shoulder to rely on when I'm at my wit's end.

It has been amazing, seeing him become a father. He is everything I could have hoped for and more...

Here is a celebration of his journey...

(The first time he held his baby)

(Sound asleep)

(Whispering her name, 21st day Naming ceremony)

(Maya's first birthday)

Happy Father's Day, dear readers!



  1. Husband-ji,

    Happy Father's Day and many more! Love all these pictures of you and your sweet Maya. Great, great family!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend


    1. Thanks Melissa! Like a fine wine, he is getting even better with age! ;)

  2. So nice pictures. Husband-ji ist a is a great dad.
    Since you have found the right family man.

    1. I really did....seeing him with my daughter is heart-melting... :)

  3. His love for her just glows!

  4. Such Beautiful Pictures...
    May god bless your family.:-)


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