Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maya's 2nd birthday in Torcello

You know those days in life where everything turns out to be beautifully perfect? That was what it was like for us on Maya's 2nd birthday...

We were all in Venice - on a joint family vacation - and we decided to spend her special day all together on the nearby island of Torcello.

Torcello is this gorgeous little island off the coast of Venice that was home to some of the first settlers in that area. Now it is like a little ghost island with abandoned villas and overgrown gardens. Many people are drawn to this quiet island for the church - the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta - which featured gorgeous Byzantine mosaics and is one of the oldest in that area.

There is also a famous restaurant on the island called Locanda Cipriani that has a gorgeous garden with roses, marigolds, and exotic flowers.

We started the day by dressing Maya up in one of her new little Italian dresses. Then we took the water taxi to Torcello, and passed some of the many lovely islands including Murano and Burano.

We had a lovely lunch at the Locanda Cipriani under an awning of greenery. There was a major heatwave that day so it protected us from the hot sun. After, Maya ran around in the garden and collected sticks and stones. My MIL especially loved the flowers in the garden, being a former Biology professor.

For her cake, we had a little slice of apple cake with vanilla bean gelato.

After we blew out the candles, I became my usual self (the emotional basket-case) and started crying. (What is it about motherhood that makes me feel constantly emotional?) I just thought of what a big girl she had become, what a great kid she is, and how lucky I am to be her mum....

Click HERE to read what we did for her birthday last year....


  1. Alex,

    Love these photos of your trip! The little island of Torcello is beautiful and the flowers are beautiful. Maya had a great 2nd birthday, she is so cute and really growing up. What a nice trip everyone had, I think Sandhya was having a good time. Great pics of husband-ji, and your Mom and Dad, so happy for him!

    Okay, this was a great family vacation, you should meet every year for another family vacation! Alex, you look gorgeous! Love your blog can't get enough of it. Thank you....

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Melissa,
      It was such a great day, a beautiful place. I think it really hit me that day that she's getting so grown up now, I couldn't believe it...
      Thanks for reading :)

  2. @Alexandra

    Many happy returns of the day to Maya and god bless her.

    Since you like reading, I found a newspaper article listing the greatest Indian authors of all times.

    1. Excellent list, thank you! Lots to add to my reading list, I have only read two of the novels on that list! I'm always looking for more reading, especially Indian authors I love.

  3. @Alexandra

    Do you know that "Maya" in sanskrit means illusion/attachment to wordly things. It is said that the whole world with its realationships and attachement is a grand illusion or Maya created by Mayapati (creator of Maya or God). The words Moh (attachment) and Maya (illusion) are both used to suggest the temporary nature of the world.

    Anyway, many happy returns of the day to Maya and my good wishes to the entire family. And BTW, put a dot of Kaajal (Koel) behind her ear to protect her from evil eye. May god bless you.

    1. Thank you! It was a really great day....
      Yes, we specifically named her Maya for that reason, we loved the meaning...
      Maya Josephine Madhavan =
      Maya being illusion
      Josephine being God will increase
      Madhavan being Krishna

  4. @Alexandra

    Here is nice children's song for Maya. I think she would be very pleased to hear it. It was my favourite song in my childhood

    1. What a lovely song! I just watched it with Maya and she just loved it! We have a similar rhyme in Telugu called Chal Chal Gurram which is similar, but it is only a rhyme and not a song. This video was great!


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