Saturday, June 7, 2014


(Me / Maya / Madhavan - all age two)

My daughter is TWO years old today!!!

I can hardly believe it, because time just flies. It feels like just yesterday, when I first saw her for the first time, and she graced our life.

This year, she has turned from a baby into a child right before my eyes. She learned how to talk. She has come in to her own personality, which has been an extraordinary thing to watch. Every day now, I feel like she shows us a bit of who she is.

She loves to dance and swim. She is OBSESSED with books - we have to read at least 40 per night. Her favorite books are the Ant & Bee series. She is a mummy's girl AND a daddy's girl. She is very sweet and caring with children who are younger than her, often giving them hugs and helping them walk. She won't leave the house without taking one of her baby dolly's. She likes to have tea parties with her dolls and also play with miniature cars. She likes to count Ziggy's toes. She loves Indian food, having idly or uthappam every morning, and loves anything spicy, like mango pickle. She knows all her letters and numbers. Her favorite animal is an elephant and a tiger. 

We have watched her go from walking to running this year. We have taught her how to hold hands while walking, and how to sit on the toilet. She is eager to learn anything, and everything.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this year...

Watching a child grow up is a miraculous gift. I can't wait to see what this next year holds!



  1. Happy Birthday! It was also my Sachin's 3rd birthday on the 7th June. cute!!!

  2. Maya,

    Happy birthday sweetie! Thanks for sharing your cute pictures with us. You are such a joy to your mom and dad.


  3. @Alexandra

    Many happy returns of the day and god bless her. I often feel that Maya kind of looks oriental Chinese/Malaysian/Vietnamese. She has got the roundness of your face and the eyebrows of his dad. Pull her cheeks and little nose for me.

    1. Hahaha everyone thinks she is half Chinese!

  4. Happy birthday Maya! Only 14 more years until you get the car keys!! :D

  5. Belated birthday wishes to Maya! May God shower her with his choicest blessings! Keep writing Alex.

  6. Happy birthday Maya...

  7. Your baby is so adorable!!Happy Birthday to the precious little one!!


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