Monday, July 28, 2014

Destiny, Fate & the lunchbox

How much of life is destiny? 
How much of our lives are pre-written when we come into being?

The other day, I was at my parents' house and I found my lunchbox from when I was in grade school. On one side it had Krishna, and on the other side it has Goddess Lakshmi. The pattern in between had an "Om" symbol. I remember picking out this lunchbox, thinking it looked nice. My dad used to stuff it with samosas and pakoras for snacks which I devoured heartily.

I remember the Indian students being drawn to me because of this lunchbox, looking at me because "she's one of us". My best friend (who was a Hindu Punjabi) was drawn to me because of this lunchbox. She came to a new school and didn't know a soul. She saw me in the cafeteria with my lunchbox and followed me and struck up a conversation. We became instant friends. 

The white students used to ask me why I would keep doodling "3's" and why there were "3's" on my lunchbox. "Is that your lucky number or something?" they would say. I sighed, annoyed. "It's OM, you idiots....Don't you know anything?"

Twenty years later, finding this lunchbox - now, having an Indian husband, having given birth to an Indian daughter, and being married to the culture (for better or for worse) - I wonder, was it a sign of my destiny? When I picked it out, why was I innocently drawn to it? Why did I pick this one out of all the lunchbox choices that day?

Wise men often say that you're exactly where you're supposed to be, at any given moment. And when I see things like this, it is almost as if I can see my childhood self standing in front of me, saying "I told you so..." with a mysterious smile.

I much of our lives are pre-written? How much of the choices we make - whether it be a lunchbox or a spouse - is engineered by the greater pull of destiny?



  1. OMG that is such a big coincidence. :).

    1. it really is.....and my husband's name Madhavan is a form of Krishna!

  2. Krishna and Lakshmi, good choice ! It's funny how one can be attracted to another culture almost instinctively, makes me wonder about reincarnation. I tend to be attracted like a magnet by anything Indian or Native American.

    Did your family also have a love story with India, as you say your dad gave you samosas and pakoras ?

    1. We traveled to Asia a lot while I was growing up, but my dad mostly just loved Indian food a lot! So I think it was something that felt more familiar to me, in a strange way. I believe in reincarnation a lot, I often read this website called Spirit Science and they have articles on Past Lives in children etc.


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