Friday, July 25, 2014

Our "golden" 3rd wedding anniversary

During our big Venice trip, not only did we have Maya's 2nd birthday to celebrate, but also our 3rd wedding anniversary shortly after.

I love that both of these big celebratory events are within a week of each other. I remember when we found out we were expecting Maya, the original due date they gave us was on our wedding anniversary of June 11th. It was such a happy coincidence - life is funny like that sometimes. It was like the universe was telling us that our daughter was a celebration of our love - which she is...

(Our temple wedding: June 11th, 2011)

Our 3rd wedding anniversary celebrates the first of our three weddings - the simple religious Hindu ceremony that we had in the local temple. It is my favorite of all the wedding celebrations because it was so calm and quiet. I remember I was so relieved to finally be married and having it in the temple was such a spiritual experience. I loved the symbolism of it, and I loved walking around the fire with him.

For our anniversary, we were in Venice, and although we didn't get any alone time, we had a lovely day together. It was also my inlaws' last day in Venice, so we wanted to do a little bit of last minute sightseeing with them.

We didn't get each other any gifts, but husband-ji was thoughtful enough to surprise me with a little rose. That too, in front of his parents - it made me blush!

That day, we went to visit San Giorgio Maggiore church, where I said a little prayer for many more years of a happy marriage under the Virgin Mary. We were there during the Biennale, so outside of the church was this amazing sculpture of large blocks made of 24k gold!

Then, we toured the Doge's Palace - which was so fantastic. Seeing the carved ceilings of gold and the paintings was like an artists' paradise. 

It was definitely a "golden" anniversary!

It is so fun to look back on our anniversaries and how we celebrated it every year. Our first anniversary, we spent at home, having just returned back from the hospital with newborn Maya. Husband-ji surprised me that day with a beautiful antique chest from India. Our second anniversary, we did a really fun vegetarian couples' cooking class.

I can't wait to see what the next few years bring!


Dear readers, what are your most memorable anniversaries? How do you like to celebrate them?



  1. How sweet and romantic <3
    My husband is not very good on birthdays and anniversaries. I don't understand if it is by tradition or else. I've come to label this as "shivaist nihilism".
    I love the little street shrines in Italy.

    1. Hahaha so funny! This year we hardly did anything, for our second wedding anniversary (July 23) we completely forgot until the day after and we were both laughing about it! Our 9 year is in January so hopefully we will do something special for that one!

  2. Happy Anniversary dear. Wish you many more years of love , happiness and romance.

  3. @Alexandra

    Heartiest congratulations on your marriage anniversary. May god bless you and may you have all the happiness in life.

    BTW, since your interested in reading, I think you would like to know about Sadat Hasan Manto, one of the most brilliant Indian writers. His stories were so controversial that many cases were lodged against him. But he was ahead of his times, more ahead than many of our modern writers. I have read some of his stories and was struck by the very sensual nature of his narration. Simply brilliant

    1. Thank you! Wow, anything controversial I would love to read. I have found a translated version on Amazon USA! Yay!

  4. Hi Alexandra!

    My husband and I have also two anniversaries, separate from each other, we firts got married in novembre in the City Hall where we are currently living and was my favorite ceremony too because it was just my husband, two friends and me. The second, on Fbreuary 2012 was a big celebration and religious wedding in my home country with some of his relatives and friends that travelled all the way to be with us.

    We don't normally make big celebrations or give gifts, we more celebrate it with a dinner. This year we will be at my country so we expect to be at the beach :)

    Happy anniversary for you and your husband.

    1. Awwww sweet :) It is so nice having two weddings, one big and one small. I loved our smaller one too :) I'd recommend everyone have two!

  5. Our ceremony was simple, standing-room-only on the patio and it turned out beautiful. It was such a nice, intimate route to go having it outside.

    1. Yes, I is so nice having it outdoors.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband-ji! I just love reading your posts and love stories.. It felt so real but at the same time very romantic too!

    Wishing you and your family lots of love and may you guys be happy always!


  7. Best wishes for your anniversary...

  8. Happy Anniversary! Glad you came back writing blogs! BTW did you have an Article posted in The Times Of India Sunday Edition?

    1. Thank you! No I think that was another Firangi ;) But god-willing I will be featured one day!


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