Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vishnu tattoo sleeve

The latest exciting news out of our MADHouse is that husband-ji has recently gotten his second tattoo sleeve. The last few years, he has felt a little lopsided, only having one sleeve on one arm, so he wanted to get another one. His first sleeve was of Shiva, so it was fitting that this second sleeve would be Vishnu...

We used the same artist as last time - Richard Vega - who works out of Adrenaline tattoo shop. He did a fantastic job and it turned out as a beautiful work of art. He booked up months in advance, so I'm glad we set a date and dove in.

This time, husband-ji's tattoo hurt a lot. I think this was because his Shiva sleeve was done over his burned arm (from the accident) in which the skin was much more thick and tough. He lost a lot of the feeling on that arm from the accident, so it was actually not too painful. The Vishnu sleeve was done on virgin skin, so it hurt a lot more. He sat patiently for 6.5 hours without food while Richard was working his magic. No pain, no gain! 

He still has to go back for another sitting in a few weeks to finish up some detailing. And eventually, he is going to get both his Shiva and Vishnu dancing on lotuses - but that he will get done next year. And then eventually, he will get Shiva surrounded by skulls, and Vishnu surrounded by water, on the backs of his arms. So it is really an ongoing process, time permitting...

(Coming for a visit & Daddy making funny faces at Maya)

I took Maya to the shop and she was fascinated by the tattoo being done. I explained to her that Daddy was getting a nice drawing on his arm. Then she pointed and said, "CRAYONS!" And I said, "Yes, a drawing like you draw with crayons". We also got her a cute little t-shirt in support of her dad.

I loved photographing the process of the tattoo. Back in college, I did a whole documentary series' on Tattoo culture in the Deep South, so it brought back memories. I loved being in the tattoo shop atmosphere again. It has a really creative, artistic pulse that I love.

Now I totally want to get another one of my own! Stay tuned...!



  1. @Alexandra

    Is that Lord Vishnu?? never knew Vishnu danced. Vishnu is usually seen sleeping over the serpent Sheshnag or in a sitting position. Shiva is was the dancer Nataraja. Vishnu also carries conch shell, lotus flower, sudershan chakra and mace in his four hands. Anyway, artistic freedom I guess.

    1. Yes, Vishnu is usually lying down but since my hubby's arm is vertical, Vishnu would only look like it was standing up any way. So he decided to use a standing Vishnu. Eventually he will put a lotus under his feet.

  2. @Alexandra

    Lord Vishun is the 'cool guy'. He is often seen in Yog Nidra (midetative sleep) or in a sittting position with a beatiful smile on his face. Whenever Lord Shiva or Lord Brahma give a boon to a demon (which they do often, their logic is he is who worships them becomes eligible for a boon, it is upto to him to use his power wisely), demons attack heaven and drive the gods out. The gods then go to Lord Vishnu who solves their problems. He is the go to guy. He has also got great style sense. He gives the impression, don't worry I am always with you. Jokes apart, just like we go to our parents when we face a particularly tough problem, gods also got to super gods for solutions and guidance.

  3. According to my husband, Hindu divinities should be bathed, fed and put to bed everyday, which is why even in temple divinities are regularly hidden, and should also not witness some human activities such as sleeping and sex... therefore when he saw you husband's tatoos he laughed and asked if he sleeps with his arms covered... ;) (Padparadscha)


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