Friday, August 8, 2014

Kids' weekend in Bellevue

We had a long weekend holiday recently so we decided to make a quick trip to the Seattle/Bellevue area to visit some of our NRI family. This was our third and final vacation of the Summer and we had a such a nice weekend with family!

Maya doesn't have any cousins here and she is becoming increasingly bored with us, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to play and bond with her cousins in WA that are close in age. 

We did lots of fun things on our trip, including attending a cousin's birthday party on a Blueberry farm, going to the Woodland Park Zoo, doing some shopping, and finding some good restaurants.

Our weekend trip coincidentally coincided with our cousin's 6th birthday party which was on a Blueberry Farm in North Bend, WA. Although it was really hot that day, it was great to have Maya run around in a big open field in nature. 

The next day, we ventured on an outing to Woodland Park Zoo with another cousin (Aditya) who is 18 months older than Maya. They had a fantastic time playing together and were so sweet and helpful to each other - it really melted my heart. I loved seeing her play with him. 

They loved seeing the animals - especially the birds and the monkeys. They had this one part of the zoo where you could feed the birds and the kids loved that. 

The zoo also had tons of play areas at each exhibit, which was so great. For example, in the Meerkat exhibit, they had an underground burrow where the kids could pretend they were Meerkats. Likewise, in the Asian rain forest exhibit, they had a playground made of bamboo. The whole zoo was completely child-oriented and it was great to see so many families out.

Maya's favorite exhibit was definitely the Orangutan monkey. He was pressed right up to the glass, so Maya decided to crouch down and talk to him. Then she put two stickers from her hand on his face and mouth because she loved him so much. It was the cutest thing to see!

She also loved the old-school carousel where she rode a horsey around and around!

It is really nice because husband-ji and his cousin were close in age, and now their kids are close in age and play so well. It's an added bonus that they live relatively close by, across the border. Seeing Maya play so well with him made me want to make extra efforts to nurture their relationship.

After the zoo, we went to this fantastic doughnut shop called Top Pot Doughnuts. It was so delicious and I took some extra home for the drive back!

This time, we had much better food than last time. We also went to Kanishka Indian restaurant and Cactus and they were both really good. Whenever we are traveling, somehow we only end up eating Indian OR Mexican! You can't go wrong with those two!

We will probably return in another 6 months, after our India trip and after the New Year. We had the most wonderful time!



  1. She is so cute! Every time I see her I'm thinking of that is what our kids would look like in the future, and I think it is very likely. (Al is Tamil, I am Swedish.)

  2. @Alexandra

    Nice to see the kids enjoying themselves. Do you wear the sindoor even in Canada? How to do people react to it??

    1. I do wear it in Canada, usually when we are going out for dinner. Not at work though. I only wear it in orange because if I wear it in red I will get LOTS of questions about my head bleeding!

  3. Alex,

    Just loved seeing Maya play with her cousin Aditya! They really had a great time at the zoo, such a great place to interact with the animals. I loved all these great pictures, what a nice visit for all of you.


    1. It was great! I loved the kids' play areas...they had such a great nap afterwards!


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