Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The end of an era

There has been a major shift in our household in the last month - Maya has stopped napping. OMG. Fellow parents, this is breaking news!

It happened quite suddenly, yet at the same time it was gradual. Since she turned one, she only wanted to take one nap per day. And gradually, it was going later and later, til the point where for the past 9 months, she'd nap so late that she'd be up until 11pm! And although I loved the time in the afternoon to myself (during her naps), I hated staying up that late with her.

(Yes, I am an old fart...11pm is way past MY bedtime!)

And then, all of a sudden, at 26 months old, she just didn't want to nap anymore. She just decided it herself that she wasn't interested in it. We tried to force her to go down, but it didn't work. Instead, she is going to bed much earlier (at 7:30pm) and sleeping at night for much longer (about 13 hours) - which is really great.

Whenever I tell my fellow mum friends the big news - that Maya stopped napping - they're like "OH GOD!!! That sucks!" Which I would have totally thought too. But actually, it's not that bad. You see, when she stopped napping, something shifted in her personality - she became calmer. Before, she was so high energy that she was bouncing off the walls at every waking moment - it was utterly exhausting. Now, she has moments of the day where she is quieter and more independent. She is actually easier to handle.

Now that she is not taking naps anymore, there is a lot more flexibility. For intance, I used to plan our lives around her naps. Nope! I cannot meet around this time because this is our sacred nap time! Now, we can do whatever we want all day and not have to break up the day by rushing home.

Of course, I certainly miss the time to myself in the afternoon. But in reality, it's not like I was doing anything productive since I had to tiptoe around the house like a mouse! Now it has forced me to wake up early to get my alone time, which in turn gave me time to exercise in the morning, which in turn made me go to bed even earlier - so it was like a full domino effect of positive things. Plus, now that she has her quiet time, I still get my quiet time, except we get to spend it together, which is really nice!

It's definitely another indicator that she's growing up! Next up....finishing potty training, her big girl bed, and then preschool! Full steam ahead!

Parenting is funny that way....just when you get used to a routine, it changes!


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